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EBBA 34287

National Library of Scotland - Rosebery
Ballad XSLT Template
The Birks of Abergeldy
A New Song,
To its own Proper Tune.

O Bonny Lassie wilt thou go,
Wilt thou go, wilt thou go,
O bonny Lassie wilt thou go
To the Birks of Abergeldy,
My dear Sir, I dare not gang,
I dare not gang, I dare not gang,
My dear Sir, I dare not gang,
For fear that ye betray me.

Thou need not fear, my dearest Life,
My dearest life, etc,
That ever I will leave thee,
For I will stay with thee all day,
With thee all day, etc.
And from all fears defend thee.

Abergeldy Birks are very cold,
Are very cold, etc.
The weather very frostie.
My dear I'll hug thee in my Arms,
In my Arms, etc.
And wrap thee in my Plaidie,

But what if I do prove with Child,
Do prove with Child, etc,
To thee a Highland Laddie,
O then in haste I'll marry thee.
I'll marry thee, etc.
And then thou'll be a Lady,

Abergeldy is too near my Friends,
Too near my Friends, etc,
Their Eyes on me are steddy,
But if thou'll go to Edinburgh,
To Edinburgh, etc.
I'm at they service ready.

The second Part to the same Tune

BEssie is my Bed made,
My Bed made, etc,
Or is my Supper ready.
Bessie if my Bed were made,
My Bed were made, etc.
The less Meat would serve me.

I would have my Gown made,
My Gown made, etc.
In the Birks of Abergeldey;
Side and wide about the Tail,
About the Tail, etc,
And gimp about the Body.

As I went throw the Moor of Skeen,
The Moor of Skeen, etc.
St. Johnstoun lay well near me.
I laid my Sword among the Broom
Among the Broom, etc.
And often kiss'd my Dearie.


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