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EBBA 34276

National Library of Scotland - Rosebery
Ballad XSLT Template
Or, Jean's the Sweetest and Dearest to me.

O Jeanie is the sweetest of all Womankind
O Jeanie is compleat in bodie and mind
Of Beautie and Bountie; of Carriage and Grace
With a prettie proportion and fairness of Face
With all things excellent as women should be
O Jeanie is the sweetest, whose servant I'le die

No tongue can express her my mind doth admire her,
Yea, I must confess, there is none I love dearer,
Sh's constant me's loveing, she's modest & chast
I love her so dearlie, I can get no rest;
Yet lest I offend her, I silent must be,
O Jeanie is sweetest and dearest to me.

Her wit is transcendent, her grace is divine,
Her beauty's commended, great Cupid's propine
She's prettie, she's wittie, she's honest and true;
Of other indowments she wants not enow;
All these perfections with true Modestie,
O Jeanie is the sweetest and dearest to me.

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