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EBBA 34217

National Library of Scotland - Rare Books I.262
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I'll make thee be fain to follow me.
To its own proper Tune,

OF late a Dispute
did happen to pass,
'Twixt a lusty Soger
and a young Lass,
My Honey and Life
I Love thee (quoth he)
I'll make thee be fain
to follow me,

To follow thee
that's a Soger Lad,
All Persons that know me
wou'd think me mad;
No Battel I ever
did covet to see,
So cannot be fain
to follow thee.

My dear never fear
the hazard of war,
I of my Dear Jewel
will take special care
And from all dangers
will set thee free,
If thou wilt consent
to follow me.

I cannot endure
your pitiful Pay
We'll never live well
on Sixpence a Day;
By Nature we're taught
to shun Povertie,
I'll never be fain
to follow thee.

What if I'm prefer'd
by an Officer's fall,
O then you're call'd Madam
by great and small;
Such things has happened
oft-times we do see.
I'll make thee be fain
to follow me.

I fear then you'l lead
a prodigal Life,
Not value you're weded,
and slight your poor Wife,
And probably Love
some other than me,
I'll never be fain
to follow thee.

No, no, my Dear
I'll ever prove true;
My Love I will keep
entirely for you,
A kind loving Husband
I vow I will be:
Now therefore consent
to follow me.

Since this you do swear
I'll deny you no more.
Your Faith and your Honour
lies on this score;
Upon these Conditions
thy Wife I will be:
And now I am bound
to follow thee.


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