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EBBA 34163

National Library of Scotland - Rare Books I.262
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A New Song.
To the Tune of the Yellow
Haird Ladie.

ON Atrick-side in Yarrow,
a place pleasant and fair,
I thought on bonny Helen,
as I was walking there.
As I was walking there,
she came into my Mind,
I thought my bonny Helen
fairest of Woman kind.

I said then, bonny Helen
if I were now with you,
For to kiss you and clap you,
as I was wont to do.
But I'm now in the Forrest
where I never was before
But yet my bonny Helen
I love and shall adore.

In the Haughs upon Yarrow,
in the Forrest so fair,
There are many bonny Lasses
Milking the Ewes there,
Milking the Ewes there,
where now I do repair:
But yet my bonny Helen
shall be my only Dear.

O Helen I'm far from you,
but yet I will prove kind.
Thorow hills and thorow valleys
you're still into my mind;
You shall still be in my Mind,
and to you I'll prove true,
And to all other Lovers
I freely bid adieu.


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