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National Library of Scotland - Crawford
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The Pensive Maid:
The Virgins Lamentation for the loss of her Lover.
For seven years space she patiently did bear,
The absence of her Love, as you shall hear,
At length sad tydings came that he was slain,
And that they never more should meet again.
Tune of, Through the cool shady woods, Or, Deep in Love, etc.

WHen Soll will cast no light,
all darkned over,
And dolesome time of night
the Skies did cover:
Down by a Rivers side
where Ships are sailing
There a fair Maid I spied,
weeping and wailing.

I stept unto her straight,
dearest what grieves thee?
She answered me and said
none can relieve me:
Tis seven long years and more
since my Love parted,
And left me on this shore,
quite broken hearted.

He promised to return,
if life was lent him,
Which makes me sigh & mourn,
death doth prevent him:
O that I could but hear
some tidings from him,
How it my heart would cheer,
for all my longing.

A young man straight she spied
like one amazed,
Which did a token bring
whereon she gazed;
Where is my Love? quoth she,
that comes not near me,
The Young-man he replyd,
please for to hear me.

YOur Love and I did fight
under one Banner,
Maintaining Englands right,
pure hasing Honour:
He was a Seaman bold,
of courage valiant,
Scorning to be contrould,
by ere a Gallant.

But in a Dreadful Fight
where Guns did rattle,
And many a Gallant Wight,
fell in the Battel:
His fatal destiny
near was approaching,
And summond him away,
by Deaths Incroaching.

When he his Deaths wound had
and brains were broken,
To me these words he said,
deliver this token,
To her that hath my heart,
and is more dearer,
Wishing her for my sake,
to love the Bearer.

And having spoke these words,
he then declined,
And in a stream of blood
his life resigned,
Leaving me full of care,
sad news to bear it,
His death for to declare
as you now hear it.

When she the tidings heard,
with this sad potion,
She like a stock appeard
without all motion,
At length her spirits came
by grief Inflamed,
And then with floods of tears
thus she exclaimed.

O ye great powers above,
which life doth lend us
And thou the God of Love
that did befriend us,
Why have ye snatcht away
my dearest sweeting
And by your cruelty
spoiled our meeting?

Since that my Love is dead
whom I did tender
No comfort I will take
but life surrender:
In some unwonted paths
there will I wander,
And prove more constant
then ere was Leander.

And so vain world farewel
and all thy pleasure,
Since he is gone that was
my chiefest Treasure,
In the Elizium shades
there will I hide me
Until I find my Love
what ere betide me.

Printed for P. Brooksby, in Pye-corner.

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