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EBBA 33639

National Library of Scotland - Crawford
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Unchangable Lovers,
No stormy winds can fright the seaman bold
Nor can his mind be easily contrould,
His love is setled, ne'r to change his mind
Whilst Amarillis voweth to be kind.
Tune, Cloris awake.

DEar Comfort I must,
though it grieves me to go,
To leave thee behind me
breeds sorrow and woe,
But the greatest of Storms
shall ne'r cause me to fear,
For ile cheer up my heart
with the thoughts of my dear.

When the winds they do blow
and the Billows do roar,
If I call but to mind
My dear Love on the Shore
My heart will rejoyce,
and ile banish all fear,
In hopes to return
to my love and my dear.

Then be but as Loyal
as ile be to thee,
And nothing but death
shall e're part thee and me,
If women like Angels
to me should appear,
Yet still ile be true
to my Love and my Dear.

Tis true that we Sailers
strange wonders do see,
And strangers oft kind
to the English will be,
But the beauties of Venice
can never come near
Thy feature, my Darling
my Love and my dear.

Believe what I say
my hearts chiefest delight
That think on thee still
both by day and by night.
For at home and abroad
it shall alwaies appear,
That I will be true
to my love and my dear.

The Maidens Answer.

I hear my true love
this most sorrowful news,
Which makes me lament,
alas, how can I choose.
The Seas I do fear
will my comforts destroy,
And rob me at last
of my comfort and joy.

Oh! when thou art absent
what joy can I find,
Or what can give ease
to my troubled mind,
E'ry wind that doth blow
will my pleasures destroy,
For fear I should lose
my delight and my joy.

Go thou but to Venice
thou never shalt find
A lover so true, or
so faithful and kind.

Though at first I did seem
to be childish and coy,
Thou now art my comfort,
my love and my joy.

Then never forsake me
for profit or gain,
Nor leave thy true love
for the wealth of the main.
A jewel to love
is an absolute Toy,
Then never forsake me
my love and my joy.

But if thou wilt go
to the Seas that do rage,
Give me but thy promise,
and firmly ingage,
Then ile wait thy return,
nothing shall me annoy,
But I constant will prove
to my comfort and joy,

Such Loyalty never
by any was shown
As ile show to thee,
for I love thee alone,
When we once are fastty'd
ile applaud the blind Boy,
That taught me to love
thee my comfort and joy.

Printed for J. Conyers at the black Rave[n]
in Duck-lane.

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