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National Library of Scotland - Crawford
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The Easter WEDDING;
The Bridegrooms Joy and Happiness Compleated, in his kind and Con-
stant Bride.
Here may we see true Loyalty,
the Quintessence of Love;
Since he did find, his Dear so kind,
let him most tender prove.
Tune of, O so ungrateful a Creature.
This may be Printed, R.P.

PRay now attend to this Ditty,
which I in brief will declare;
Not very far from this City,
there was a Wedding we hear:
In mighty Triumph attended,
sorrow they clearly destroy,
Therefore let none be offended,
tho' I shall speak of their joy.

Fortune we know once did lower,
on this young Bridegroom we see,
But now his Joys are in power,
since he is happy and free:
They now no longer wou'd tarry,
seeing they happily meet,
But were resolved to Marry,
making their Blessings compleat.

Now for to speak of the Glory,
which did in Splendor appear,
I will be brief in the Story,
therefore I pray now give ear:
As they were walking together,
both to be joyned in one,
Thousands and thousands came thither
by which their kindness was shown.

Many young Damsels attir'd,
all in their Sarsenet white,
Ev'ry one seeing admir'd,
while they beholding the sight,
In love they held it their Duty,
to be both Gallant and Gay,
Thus they appeared in Beauty,
like the fair Flowers in May.

Maids they in Night-Trayls did flourish
as they attended the Train,
This loving Couple to cherish,
home they returned again:
This was a notable Wedding,
where there did plenty abound,
Many came thither unbidden;
from every Village all round.

There was but a few that were able,
but did come in for a share;
Thus a most plentiful Table,
did to all persons appear:
Feasting and filling the Glasses,
Bacchus did flow like a Spring,
And the Young Lads and the Lasses
drank a good Health to the King.

Then did the Musick for Dancing
play, and went merrily on,
Simon with Susan advancing,
so did young Robin and Nan;
Richard resolved at leisure,
to take a turn with the Bride,
This was a day of much pleasure,
may they have many beside.

When the long day it was ended,
she to her Chamber was led,
By the young Maids that attended,
when they beheld them in Bed:
Then at the length they did leave them,
with those kind Wishes at last,
That Sorrow never may grieve them,
now all their Troubles are past.

Printed for C. Dennisson at the Stationers-Arms within Aldgate.

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