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National Library of Scotland - Crawford
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A Weeks Loving, Wooing, and Wedding:
Happy is that Wooing that is not long a Dooing.
Here was a nimble Bridegroom, and a Bride,
In Eight short days the long fast Knot was ty'd.
To the Tune of Billy and Molly.
Licensed according to Order.

ON Sunday Johnny went to Church
so spruce, and neat, and finey,
Cupid lay for John at lurch,
and shew'd him pretty Jinny,
Johnny was shot to the heart,
and prov'd a zealous Lover,
That Jenny she might cure his smart,
he was resolved to move her.

Johnny was a stitching Blade,
and he could not work a Monday;
Jinny lov'd the stitching Trade,
but minded John a Sunday:

He to her did make Address,
but she receiv'd it shiely,
The loving truth he did confess,
but Jinny she was wily.

Tuesday came, and Johnny then
profest to her profoundly,
He lov'd her more than any Man,
and spoke his Passion roundly;
Jinny she did love to spin,
as pretty Maids do often,
She fancy'd John could put it in,
and that did Jinny soften.

On Wednesday then the Lovers met,
and Johnny prest her home to't;
He said his Love was on her set,
but she said nought but mum to't:
Jinny was a coming Lass,
her Silence was consenting,
When John had brought it to that pass,
he then fell to presenting.

On Thursday then he brought her store,
what Maid could have forsook 'em?
Of Ribbons, Gloves, with sundry more,
and she said No, and took 'em:
Johnny was a Lover free,
tho' bound in Jinnys Fetters,
Jinny lov'd as well as he,
tho' she might a had his Betters.

On Friday Johnny ask'd her what
she had to say against it;
She said there was two words to that,
for fear she shou'd repent it:
But John he did her so perswade,
that she gave no denial,
But said he should be her own Blade,
and put it to the Trial.

On Saturday there ne'er was seen
such Billing, and such Cooing;
Jinny and her John between,
such Kissing and such Wooing.
Thus both agreed in Love to speed,
concluded on the Morrow,
That they would Wed, and so to Bed,
and sport away all Sorrow.

On Sunday they to Church did goe,
where Love first had beginning,
The Parson he made one of two,
so the Business had an ending:
John and Jinny marry'd were,
O! merry night of Sunday!
Pretty Maids do not Despair,
be your own case one day.

Printed for P. Brooksby at the Golden Ball in
Pye-corner, J. Deacon at the Angel in
Gilt-spur-street, J. Blare at the Looking-
glass on London-bridge near the Church,
J. Back at the Black Boy on London-bridge
near the Draw Bridge.

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