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National Library of Scotland - Crawford
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The maidens reply to the Young mans Resolution.
Wherein she fits him in his kind,
And lets him know her setled mind,
She can as well live single and not marry
As well as he without a wife can tarry.
To the Tune of the Young Mans Resolution.

COme prethee young man do not flout
nor think that I do writ your leisure
When for a husband I look out,
I can have sweet-hearts at my pleasure:
But for to fit you in your kind
and let you know that I can tarry;
I'le tell you plain what you shall find
and when I mean with you to marry.

When young men do true hearted prove,
and leave off their dissimulation
When mountains in the water move,
and peace shall be in every Nation:
When Whales in little dishes swim,
and Castles on their backs can carry
And slovens they go neat and trim,
O then my Love and I will marry.

When women go upon their heads
and butchers lose the sense of feeling;
When Papists throw away their beads
and drunkards they do leave off reeling
When Brewers are Protectors made,
and in great winds away are hurried
And painted whores leave off their trade
O then my Love and ile be married.

When Cherries grow on thistle tops,
and Roses are on nettles budding,
When women hate good sugar-sops
and hungry dogs will eat no pudding:
When Gold is strown about the streets
and lies from June till January,
And every Coward kills all he meets
O then my Love and I will marry.

WHen Ladies cease to long for fruit
and Cavaleers do all turn Quakers,
When fools do learned men confute
and Coblers they turn Comfit-makers:
When Art & Ignorance agree
and live together & not vary
And Peasecods grow on every tree,
O then my Love and I will marry.

When timerous Hearts the Hounds pursue
and Patridges kills Hawks by'th dozen:
When Newgate thieves do all prove true
and quite forsake to cheat and cozen,
When Landlors do refuse their Rent,
and for the same they needs will tarry
And when no Fish is eat in Lent,
O then my Love and I will marry.

When Christmas pies are out of date
and good roast beef is out of season
When Children do Plumb-pottage hate
and Traytors they do love no treason
When Usurers give away their gold
and unthrifts they grow wise and wary,
And them are young that once were old,
O then my Love and I will marry.

When pretty maids for sweet-hearts mourn,
and women goes to men a wooing
When Ice doth in the water burn
then there is like to be wise doing
When it rains daggers double hatcht,
And Hay is made in February
Or when the old one she is catcht
O then my Love and I will marry

When Madam leaves to paint her face,
and Wizard masks are out of fashion,
When Courtiers they will wear no lace
and froward folks are not in passion
When we the French new fashins teach
and send them over Charon's Ferry,
And Ranters leave in tubs to preach
O then my Love and I will marry.

When wild-geese fly into Cooks shops,
and sayes unto the Cooks come take me,
And Larks do fall as thick as hops
into the pies & sayes come bake me
When Beggars all turn Gentlemen
and baggs of Gold about them carry,
Just at that time, and not till then,
I mean with thee my Love to marry.

Printed for J. Williamson at the Bible upon London Bridge.

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