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EBBA 33182

National Library of Scotland - Crawford
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Wit bought at a Dear Rate.
Being a Relation of the Misery one suffers by being too kind hearted: Wishing
all people to beware of that undoing quality; and to be frugal and saving, that
in aged years, their life may be as comfortable, as in youth it was pleasant and
folly. To the Tune of, Turn Love, I prethee love turn to me.

IF all the World my mind did know,
I would not care a pin,
If I were young I would take heed,
my life how to begin:
I would not be kind hearted,
but money keep in store,
Which if that I in youth had done,
I should not now be poor.

When in Prosperity I was,
I then of friends had plenty,
But now adversity is come,
I find not one in twenty;
Then was I treated well of all,
and had of gifts good store,
If wise I had been in my youth,
I should not now be poor.

This World I liken to the tide,
which oft doth ebbe and flow,
Some are to great riches brought,
and some do fall full low:

The joys and pleasures of this life,
like flowers fade, therefore
We in our youth must frugal be,
or in age must be poor.

Some for an honest livelihood,
do use endeavours great,
And though they work both day & night,
they scarce get bread to eat:
There's some again with little pains,
have riches in great store,
To me blind fortune is unkind,
therefore I must be poor.

Yet I a little comfort find,
that I am not alone,
Thousands there be as good as I,
do daily make their moan:
If yet I could some Money get,
I would it keep in store,
Too kind I have been in my youth,
and now I must be poor.

SOme with extravagant expence,
make their estates to fly,
And some who little had before,
are made when friends do dye:
So various are our fortunes here,
some need, and some have store,
But if in youth we be not wise,
we must in age be poor.

This age is grown to such a pass,
that they who go but mean,
And to their friends for kindness go,
they give them no esteem:
So cruel and hard-hearted,
are people now, therefore
Youth must be wise, and careful be,
or else in age be poor.

When plenty in my purse I had,
I then relieved many,
But now I come to need myself,
not pittied am by any:
I toil and weary out my days,
yet still am troubled sore,
For charity is waxed cold,
and quite turn'd out of door.

Love from me long time since is gone,
but patience tarries still,
Poverty comes oft to my door,
and vows to have his will:
If Providence doth not step in,
as he hath done before,
I always shall in sorrow sit,
and in my age be poor.

Good people all be warn'd by me,
do not too freely live,
Slight not my Council nor Advice,
which here to you I give:

Make use of it at present time,
lest you for evermore,
Hereafter dearly do repent,
and in your age be poor.

Youth for most part is Prodigal,
age bears a frugal mind,
More families are not undone,
then those who are too kind:
If that in time my words you mark,
you may still more and more,
Live in esteem, continue rich,
(if not) live to be poor.

While that you live in good estate,
you shall have company,
But when that you have need of some,
you then alone shall be:
While you do feast and give good gifts,
keep for yourself some store,
For if that you do part with all,
you then must needs be poor.

Despise not now what I hear say,
but take it in good part,
What here you read you well may think
is spoken from the heart:
It comes from one who troubled is,
each day in mind full sore,
Who in their youth have been too kind,
therefore must now be poor.

Farewel my friends, I wish you all,
may warning by me take,
And in your youth while you are strong,
your future fortunes make:
Be courteous, kind, to everyone,
yet as I said before,
Be careful in your youthful time,
or else in age be poor.

With Allowance.
London, Printed for F. Coles, in Vine-street, neer Hatten-Garden.

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