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National Library of Scotland - Crawford
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The Westminster Lovers.
Loves passion is so violent,
Beyond all opposition,
It makes poor Lovers of Lament,
Their sad distress'd condition.
To the Tune of Russels farewell.

FAir Isabella mind me well
for now I do declare,
That all the world you do excell,
methinks you are so fair:
Then prethee grant to me my suit,
in thee I do delight,
If you deny, without dispute,
Death seizes me out-right.

Ah Thomas these are tricks of youth
that I cannot approve,
To tell you now the very truth,
I fear you do not love:
A passion onely you pretend,
to rob me of my Bliss,
If Love no further do extend,
Oh what a shame is this.

My dearest do not doubtful be,
that I should be unkind,
I swear to be most true to thee,
and thou shalt surely find;
That if you walk the flowery plain,
this long seven years and more,
You ne'r will find a kinder Swain,
your vertues to adore.

Well Thomas, since you do protest,
your Love is so intire,
And that you do not speak in jest,
you set my heart on fire:
Methinks I feel such tickling pain,
I never knew before,
And if you love me not again,
sure I shall dye therefore.

Talk not of death my nearest Love,
I love thee as my life,
And if thou wilt but constant prove,
then thou shalt be my wife:
Betwixt my arms I'le thee imbrace,
and teach thee such a trick,
Will make thy joys encrease a pace,
and blisses tumble thick.

What kind of blisses do you mean,
methinks my heart doth burn,
And if you should now change the scene
I should for ever mourn:
I feel such panting in my breast,
now I ne'r did know,
With pains of Love I am opprest,
sad pains I undergo.

Well Isabella, now believe,
my love is so entire,
For me thou shalt no longer grieve,
I'le coole thy burning fire:
Thou shalt be free from care and fear,
and like a Princess Reign,
Yea, thou shalt be my only dear,
the glory of the plain.

Her colour then did come and go,
her lips look'd wan and pale,
Loves passion she did plainly show,
which did so much prevail:
She with an amorous sigh did part,
which Thomas minded well,
O love quoth he, this breaks my heart
now love, my love farewell.

When Isabella saw him faint,
down to the ground she fell,
And thus she made a short complaint,
did Thomas say farewell?
'Tis time for me now to depart,
and to Elizium flye,
Thus Isabella broke her heart,
for love did Thomas dye.

You lovers all, both great and small,
be rul'd by my advice,
Into such passions do not fall,
which proves fools Paradice:
With moderation set your love,
your lovers to obtain,
And if your lovers constant prove,
quit you of all pain.

But cruel Fortune that will change,
did both their lives destroy,
She smil'd at first, at last grew strange
and did their loves annoy:
Both in a grave these two were laid,
that made the world admire,
Alive, or dead, the people said,
the Shepherd would lye by her.

Their Parents mourned night & day,
for their exceeding loss,
I wish that other lovers may
take warning by the cross:
And not in seeming rage to go,
or from their lovers part,
This loving Shepherd he did so,
which broke his lovers heart.

Printed for P. Brooksby, at the Golden-Ball, in Pye-Corner. 1685

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