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EBBA 32835

National Library of Scotland - Crawford
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The Shepher'ds
Tune of, As I lay musing all alone.

AS I lay musing all alone,
close down by a Chrystal Fountain,
I heard a Shepherd make great moan
for his Love that long had been,
As he lay musing all alone,
Fetching many a bitter groan,
And on his Hat there seem'd to be
A branch of a green-willow-tree.

How now Shepherd, what means that
Thou wear'st thy Willow on thy Hat?
Formerly 'twas blue and yellow,
Now is turn'd to a bunch of green-willow
It is my Phillis and only she,
That makes me wear the Willow-tree.

When I lay me down to rest,
Love lyes bleeding in my breast,
Cease, said I, and do not mourn
For her that holds thy heart in scorn;
But hereafter be like they
That Courts a new face e'ery day.

Printed for J. Blare at the Looking-Glass on London-Bridge.

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