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EBBA 32683

National Library of Scotland - Crawford
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The Politick Maids Device;
The Maidens Distrust in CUPIDs Play.
Here Counsel is to all the rest,
Of Maidens fair, to chuse the best;
And let the worst of Young-men stay a while,
They are apt young Maidens to beguile:
But if maidens will be rul'd by she,
She'l fit them in their own Degree:
And make them spend their breath and strength,
He should be an honest man that gain'd a Wench.
The Tune is, What shall a Young-woman do with an Old-man, Or, Digby's Farewell.

ALL Maidens come hither and hearken a while,
I'le sing you a song that will make you to smile,
And be careful I say when you go to be wed,
What man you do marry, and who you bring to your bed:
And be wise in your chusing great comfort you'l have
Or else you'r undone if you match with a Knave,
Keep Liberty still maids, and be more wise,
Young-men they are apt for to feed you with lyes.

There's many a young man when he comes to wooe,
Will tell you fair tales before he does go,
And call you his honey, his joy, and his dear,

When his heart is as false as an old rotten Pair:
But be merry and wise, this counsel is brave,
Or else you'r undone if you match with a Knave,
Keep liberty, etc.

There's many a young-man will swear and will lye,
Has caus'd many a maiden to weep and to cry,
And brought them to sorrow all the days of their life:
She had very hard fortune to be such a mans wife:
Some men cannot afford their own wives a good word,
Nor scarcely afford them bread to put in their head,
Keep liberty, etc.

There's hardly a young maiden but once in her life,
That has a desire for to be made a Wife,
If iortune be so that she meet with a Cheat,
O then she's undone and her sorrows are great,
All the days of her life then she must be a slave,
But Maidens be wise and take heed of a Knave.
Keep liberty, etc.

But a man of good breeding or a man of good stock,
If he come in good sadness will scorn for to mock,
But these white-Liver'd fellows their deceit is much more,
To undo a maid and to make her his Whore:
O these are the Blades that will lye, cog, and crave,
But maidens be wise and take heed of a Knave.
Keep liberty, etc.

Young men they will promise you what they will do,
I cannot deny but some of them are true,
But where is that man, that a Maiden can trust,
For one that is true there is twenty unjust:
A maid she may marry all this I do know,
And's many times brought to great sorrow and woe.
Keep liberty, etc.

There's many a good woman has been brought to decay,
You cannot deny this, true tis that I say:
When a Husband delighteth more in a Whore,
Then in his own wife, that goes very sore:
Which troubles young Maidens that now are unwed,
When a woman does bring such a Knave to her Bed.
Keep liberty, etc.

Young Maidens be careful, and mind what I say,
We must not blame all men, for some going astray,
There's many an honest man in the world to be had,
You must chuse where the best are there's no more to be sa[id]
If you marry a good Husband, and miss a foul Knave,
You'r Crown'd with good fortune, that will be brave.
Keep liberty, etc.

Now in the Conclosion Maids be not precise,
She's a Maiden her self, that this song did devise,
Young men are so false, that she could not forbear,
But publish these verses for maids to take care:
And be merry and wise, when your love he doth crave,
There's many a good woman undone by a Knave.
Keep liberty still Maids and be more wise,
For Young-men are apt for to feed you with lyes.

Printed for J. Deacon, at the Angel in Guilt-spur-street
without Newgate.

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