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EBBA 32658

National Library of Scotland - Crawford
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The Unfortunate Lover;
Merry ANDREWs sad and wofull Lamentati-
on for the Loss of his Sweetheart JOAN.
To the Tune of, I marry and thank ye too.
Licensed according to Order.

ALas I am come to Town,
and here make pitifull moan,
For having rambled up and down
can't find out my true Love Joan.

I came to Bartholomew Fair,
and search'd that Place alone,
Expecting to have found her there,
my delicate Sweetheart Joan.

I am in a pitifull Case,
and shall be overthrown,
I have made many a sowre Face,
for want of my true Love Joan.

In Bed I can take no rest,
but tumble and toss alone,
A thousand Torments in my Breast
for want of my Sweetheart Joan.

To Love I am so enclin'd,
and daily do make sad moan,
And quite distracted in my mind,
for want of my true Love Joan.

She's as sweet as a sucking Pig,
for her I do make my moan;
I long to Dance the Wedding-Jig
along with my Sweetheart Joan.

I wander the silent Grove,
and make most piteous moan,
I am over head and ears in Love,
and all for my Sweetheart Joan.

For she was as sweet a bit,
as ever by me was known,
Her precious Smiles I can't forget,
Oh, where is my Sweetheart Joan.

Her Lips they were Cherry red,
she had but one fault alone,
A little Child e'er she was Wed,
my delicate Sweetheart Joan.

I like her never the worse,
the Child's a Champion grown,
By being well brought up at Nurse,
But where is my Sweetheart Joan:

To speak of her Beauty bright,
there hardly is such a One,
Her pleasant Charms do's dim my sight,
my delicate Sweetheart Joan.

At once she looks North and South;
her Beauty I needs must own,
She has a pretty Sparrows Mouth,
my delicate Sweetheart Joan.

Her pretty sweet Beetle-brow,
but Teeth she has not one;
She is as slender as a Cow,
my delicate Sweetheart Joan.

Her Hair's as black as a Cole,
for her I do make sad moan,
I fear some Lord or Earl has stole
my delicate Sweetheart Joan.

Printed for P. Brooksby. J. Deacon. J. Blare. J. Back.

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