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Huntington Library - Miscellaneous
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A good Exhortation to every
man what he should doo when he goeth to bed and when
he riseth. To a new Northen tune.

AT night lye down prepare to have:
thy sleep, thy death, thy bed, thy grave.
A rise a wake think that thou hast:
thy life but lent, thy breth a blast.

Let not the sluggish sleep,
close up thy waking eye:
Until with judgement deep,
thy dayly deeds thou trye.

He which one sinne in conscience keeps,
when he to quiet goes:
More ventrous is then he which sleepes,
with twentie mortall foes.

Therfore at night call unto minde,
[?] the day hast spent:
[?] if nought amis thou finde,
if ought betime repent.

And since thy bed a pattern is,
of death and fatall hearse:
Bedward it shall not be amis,,
thus to record in verse.

The stretching armes, the yawning breath,
that I to bedward use:
Are patterns of the panges of death,
when life must me refuse.

The nightly Bell which I heare sound,
as I am laid in bed:
Foreshowes the Bell which me to ground,
shall ring when I am dead,

My bed is like the grave so colde,
and sleep which shuts myne eye,
Resembleth death: Clothes which me folde,
declare the moules so drye.

The frisking fleas resemble wel,
the wringling worme to me:

Which with me in the grave shall dwel,
where I no light shall see.

The waking Cock that early crowes,
to weare the night away:
Puts me in minde the trump that blowes
before the later day.

The splendent Sun whose golden ray,
no eye can dure to see:
Declares how in that dreadful day,
God shall appeer to me.

The rising in the morn likewise,
When sleepy night is past:
Puts me in minde how I shall rise
to judgement at the last.

I go to bed as to my grave,
God knoweth when I shall wake:
But Lord I trust thou wilt me save,
and me to mercy take.

Thus wil I wake, thus wil I sleep,
thus wil I hope to rise:
Thus wil I neither waile nor weep,
but sing in godly wise.

Repent, repent you sinners all,
and call to God for grace:
That he may graunt unto us all,
in heaven a dwelling place.

Imprinted at London for
Richard Ballard, and are
to be solde at Saint
Magnus corner.

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