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True Lovers Extremity;
The Maidens miserable Moan.
This Charming Fair, through deep Dispair,
did end her Days in Grief:
To Death alone, she made her moan,
who yielded her Relief.
To the Tune of, Charon make hast,etc. This may be Printed, R.P.

I Having an hour of time and leisure, straight to the Valley I did repair, And where I resolved
to take my Pleasure, among the Lillies so sweet and fair: I in a moment was amazed,
hearing a youthful Damsel cry, As in a Passion her Voice she raised, never was Lover
more true than I.

Then I being willing to know the reason
of the sad moan which the Damsel made,
There I resolved to tarry a season,
straight with a sorrowfull sigh she said,
He made a Vow and now he forgoes it,
I never knew the reason why;
While I was with him, full well he knows it,
never was Lover more true than I.

Down from her Eyes then her Tears they were flowing
so that her Passion encreased sore;
To her alas! I would fain have been going,
but that I feard to offend her more:
Her very Tears and Sighs did grieve me,
the which did seem to pierce the Sky,
Saying, alas! though my Love does leave me
never was Creature more true than I.

When he did call me his dear Love and Jewel,
making to me a most solemn Vow,
I never thought he could have been so cruel
as to my Sorrow I find him now.
By his fair Words I was deluded
therefore I here in Sorrow lye,
Tho from his presence I am excluded
never was Creature more true than I.

Strephon he oftentimes sud for my favour,
never was any young Swain so kind,
But my Affections was settled for ever,
I cannot waver with any Wind

No other Swain shall eer enjoy me,
I for his sake had rather dye,
Tho by Unkindness he does destroy me,
never was Creature more true than I.

Long was I wood ere he once coud obtain me,
fearing, alas! what I find too true,
He most unworthily now does refrain me,
here may I bid all my Joys adieu:
This yielding Heart has provd my ruine,
here in this silent Grove Ill dye,
Nothing but Sorrows I find ensuing.
never was Creature more true than I.

Ill bid adieu to that ungratefull Creature
which is the cause of my grief and woe,
Death I desire, theres nothing more sweeter
to the Elizium Shades Ill goe;
Where with young Lovers I will wander,
free from this sad Extremity;
I cannot bear what I now lye under,
never was Creature more true than I.

With that her speech began for to fail her,
saying, Farewell to my unkind Love.
Every Creature did seem to bewail her,
nothing was pleasant in all the Grove:
Her silken Locks, alas, she rended,
saying, I here for Love must Dye!
With these last words then her Sorrows ended,
never was Creature more true than I.

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