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EBBA 31976

University of Glasgow Library - Euing
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Unconstant SHEPHERD:
Forsaken Lasss Lamentation.
To an Excellent new Tune. Licensd according to Order.

OH, how can I be merry or glad,
or in my mind contented be;
When the bonny bonny Lad whom I love best,
is banishd out of my Company?

Tho he was banishd it was for my sake,
and his true Love I still remain;
He has causd me many a night for to wake,
and adieu to my true Love once again.

I dare not come where my Love is,
I dare not for to sport nor play,

For their evil evil tongues they are so glib,
I must take a kiss and go my way.

Kissing is but a silly fancy,
it brings true Lovers into sin;
O that I were, and I wish that I were,
for to see my true Love once again.

As I was a walking through the Hall,
I spyd the twinkling of my Loves eyes;
O that I were, and I wish that I were
in the Chamber were my true Love lies.

Away fond Fool, call home thy heart,
and in thy mind contented be;
For thou spendst thy time, and gets no gain,
by loving a Lover that loves not thee.

If I do spend my time in vain,
oh, it is no loss to none but me;
Ill set it as light as the wavering wind,
that daily blows from tree to tree.

My Lover so lively, tall and young,
I had not the power to say him nay;
The words of his false deluding tongue,
did suddenly steal my heart away.

In desarts Ill wander for his sake,
for here I no peace nor joy can find;
My innocent heart I fear it will break,
because he has proved so unkind.

I cannot forget the pleasing charms,
which every day he did renew;
When as I lay clasped in his arms;
but now I must bid them all adieu.

I did the delights of Love allow,
and stroaked his locks of curled hair;
Then is he not most ungrateful now,
to leave in grief and deep despair?

Some other young Nymph enjoys my Swain,
she which does indeed my glory blast;
Yet tho he should kill me with disdain,
Ill love him as long as life shall last.

I languish and have not long to breathe,
therefore Ill write my last farewel:
To Phaon I here my heart bequeath;
with whom I did once in pleasure dwell.

Unto the Elizium Shades Ill go,
where hovering Spirits do remain;
Repeating their killing griefs and woe,
who by their hard-hearted Lovers was slain.

Of my little Lambs I take my leave,
and every Creature in the Grove;
Young Phaon he wont my Life reprieve,
therefore, alas! I die for love.

London: Printed for C. Bates, at the Sun and Bible in Pye-corner.

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