EBBA 31842

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Recording Information
Ballad Title Holland turn'd to Tinder, / OR, ENGLANDS / Third Great Royal VICTORY. / Being an exact Narrative brought by Captain Talbot Commander of the Elizabeth a fourth rate Frigat of the / Blew Squadron, who on wednesday night cam into Harwitch, and sent an Express to the KING at White- / hall, of all that had past betwixt both the Fleets, before and in the Fight: Which news hath been continued / since by other persons from aboard the Royal Charles, who give account of a total Rout given to the Dutch, / and a great Victory obtained against them, insomuch that they are beaten and block'd in their own Harbors: / All this was performed on Wednesday and Thursday 25. and 26. of July, 1666.
Tune Imprint The Tune is, Packingtons pound.
Standard Tune Title Packington's Pound
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