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The two Faithful
A merry song in praise of Betty.
Young men and Maids I do intend
To sing a song thats newly pend,
And if you please to have it out
Twill please your fancies without doubt.
To the tune of the Amrous Damsel of Bristol City.
By T B With Allowance.

IN a May morning as I was walking
I heard two Lovers together talking
With words so sweet he spake unto her
And thus he did begin to woe her.

Said he well met my dearest Betty,
Thou art a Girl that is wondrous pretty,
If I could gain but your love and favour
Ile be thy dearest love for ever.

Slight not sweetheart this loving motion
A hundred pound it ts my portion,
But if we never enjoy one penny,
True love is better then bags of money.

The Maids Answer.
Good sir your words are kindly spoken
But hasty love is soonest broken
Its good for you observe your doin
And be not you too quick in wooing.

If I should grant you my love to marry
Perhaps youd wish you did longer tarry
And in one year begin to flout me
And wish that you had gone without me.

Some men do flout their wifes tis certain
And say they might had better Fortune
So this they always frown and Louer
And scarcely live one quiet hour.

The Mans Answer.
Sweet heart my love on thee is fixed
Both night and day I am perplexed
Then prethee do not thou deny me
But come sweetheart and sit down by me

Doubt not sweet heart ile nere offend thee.
My love is true which I pretend thee
Ile not forsake thee for Gold nor Money
Then do not slight me my dearest Honey

Betty blame me not for my Speeches
I do not aim for Gold nor Riches
My heart is fixed without moveing
Sweet Betty be thou kind and loving

Grant but to me thy Love and favour
Both day and night I hard will labour
If that I have but health my honey
Thou shalt not want for meat nor Money.

The Maids Answer.
Young men have such a way in woeing
T vow and swear theyl still be loving

Yet in one year there is small regarding
Which makes some maids repent their bargain

Yet if I thought your love was constant
Which you pretend now at this instant
Methinks I cannot well deny thee
Because with words you satisfie me.

For what you said I do commend you
And in this cause I will befreind you
Ask but the good will of my Father
And you and I will joyn together.

The Mans Answer.
Oh now thy words it doth revive me
For I did fear thou wouldest deny me
Whiles life doth last ile never forsake thee
Since for my wife I mean to take thee

There is never a Maid in London City
In my conceit is like my Betty
She is so hansome in her favour
I think my selfe a blest to have her.

So to conclude I wish each Lover
To prove so constant to each other
As those too did of whom Ime speaking
There need not be so much heart breaking.

London printed for F. C[oles]
T. Vere, J. Wright, and
J Clark,

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