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EBBA 31273

British Library - Roxburghe
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The Disdainful Virgin led Captive:
Cupids Triumph over Pride:
Rosilindas Warning-piece to all ambitious Females; or,
Self-admiring Lasses.
A most Delightful New Play Song:
Fair Rosilinda Lovers does disdain,
Till Cupids Shaft does wound her with loves pain,
A Feavor then does seize on every part,
And makes a Conquest ore her stubborn heart:
While she confesses, and for pardon sues,
Who late disdaind, now most submissive wooes:
So powerful is Loves Scepter, such command
It claims, that none against its force can stand.
To a New play-house Tune, Viz. Ah cruel Bloody Fate, etc.

BRight as the Noon-day Sun,
the Nymph she sat a while,
And then she thus begun,
whilst that a pleasing Smile,
Ore spread the Beauties of her Face,
as when the Morning Light,
Does guild the Skies,
With its Up-rise,
and puts the Shades to fligh[t.]

Alas how am I Wooed,
what Conquests do I gain!
She cryd, by Love pursud,
while Lovers suffer pain:
Yet I am Coy and will not yield,
unto Loves powerful Dart,
But do prevail,
Gainst all that assail,
and make them feel the smart.

No sooner this Loves God,
heard the proud Nymph proclaim,
But from his high aboad,
as swift as Lightning came:
And from his Quiver drew a Shaft,
pointed with strong Desire;
Which in her Breast,
He did fix so fast,
as kindld there Loves fire.

At which she starting, cryd,
ah me! what change is this,
Im like a Phoenix tryd,
yet know not what to wish:
Ah! pitty, now, Loves God she sighd,
I have Rebellious been;
Unto thy Power,
Which I now must adore,
and bow before Loves Queen.

Stay gentle Cupid heal
the wound that thou hast made,
My weakness ile reveal,
the Love-sick Nymph then said:
Then from her Breast a Burning sigh,
she breathd and blushd for shame,
To be ore powerd
Who so lately towerd,
in triumph ore Loves flame.

Then from her bright eyes fell,
a showre of Christial tears,
Alas! must I now dwell,
she cryd, amidst these Cares:
Ah me! to Love, and know not whom,
possessd with strange Desires,
While my Delight,
Has all taken flight,
Sweet Cupid quench these fires.

Send me a Lover now,
to ease my cruel smart,
Level thy Conquering Bow,
at some kind Youth, whose heart
Applyd to mine, may take away
the Feavor that has seizd:
That so my pain,
May no longer remain,
but I may find some ease.

Too fierce, too fierce-wing God,
thy Arrows do consume,
And with fresh wounds so load,
till more can find no room:
Sweet Venus pitty now, she cryd,
I yield unto thy might;
Nor can I bear,
Chastizements severe,
oh wreck not thus thy spight.

My Crime I now confess,
and lay ambition down,
No more shall Pride possess,
my Beauty I disown:
Come then kind Youth who ere thou a[rt]
for whom unknown I burn,
That I in thee,
Now may Happy be,
before I Ashes turn.

Virgins take warning now,
(she sighd) and be not proud,
But kindness still allow,
when Love to you is vowd:
Oh! set not by your gaudy Blooms,
lest Cupids anger rise,
And then like me,
Will such Beauties be,
his Flaming sacrifice.

Printed for J. Jordan, at the Angel, in Guilt-spur-Street, without Newgate.

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