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Ballad XSLT Template
A young Man put to his Shifts:
The Ranting young mans Resolution,
Wherein is showd how young Wenches he doth please
And of their heavy burdens doth them ease,
With cunning tricks he their fancies up doth feed
And they him relieve when he doth stand in need.
To the Tune of, Cupids Trappan.

OF late did I hear a young damsel complain
and rail much against a young man,
His cause and his state, ile now vindicate,
and hold battle with Cupids trappan brave boys
and hold, etc.

Surely she thinks I am stark mad
to wed every Girl I do see,
No let her stay a while for I can make a fool
of twenty far better than she, brave boys
of twenty, etc.

For if I court a Maid she shall get nothing byt
for so soon as her money is gone,
And I have got her Rings, and other fine things,
then the divel may take her for John brave boys
then the, etc.

I can give them fair words but little good deeds
any girl of me shall find,
And if I see she will dot then I put her tot,
but strait I can turn with the wind, brave boys
but strait, etc.

Hes but a fool that will fawn of a Maid,
although she seem never so coy,
Make though youd be gon, shel bid you come on
if you tell her youl get her a boy, brave boys,
if you, etc.

But if she dont find thou canst stir up her blood
she will laugh and jear thee to thy face,
But if she perceives thou canst do her some good
then thy body she strait she will imbrace brave boys
then thy, etc.

As for my own part I value it not a pin,
I care not what Girl doth it know,
But the coyest lass I can easily win,
and bring her unto my own bow, brave boys
and bring, etc.

I drink off the best, and live at hearts ease,
for Money I take little care,
I can humor young wenches & have what I please
be it never so fine and so rare brave boys,
be it, etc.

I Count him a noddy that cant win a Maid,
to buckle to bow, and so bend,
And if he stands in need to do a good deed,
& to give him some mony in hand, brave boys
and to, etc.

Tho maidens do seem coy ont they long till they hat
either Mary, Sue, Bridget or Nan.
If they were put to their choice for to ly alone
they had rather to lye with a man brave boys
they had etc.

For dayly and hourely full often it is seen
what Maiden tis will lye alone.
If she hant a husband when she is fifteen,
she thinks she shall never have none brave boys
she thinks, etc.

So it doth appear how hasty they are
the fruits of love for to tast,
It makes their great belly the truth for to tell ye
theyve been a clipping a man abouth wast brave boys
theyve, etc.

Theirs choice of young damsels I have at com-mand
that with mony my pockets both fre
And if I want a bout, they will not stand out,
to help a good turn in my need, brave boys
to help, etc.

If I cheat a young damsel the faults none of mine
to her self she better may look,
For ile lay my bait by day or night,
be sure I take her of my hook; brave boys
be sure, etc.

And when I had caught her be sure shes my own
for a little we two do imbrace,
But before we go to church I leave her ith lurch
thus I cheat her unto her own face, brave boys
thus I, etc.

Ile never be bound when I may live free,
nor ile never be tide to a wife,
Theirs sope fire and candle, a child for to dandle
which makes a man weary ons life, brave boys
which, etc.

So I get but the child let who will it keep
for my part I do mean to keep none,
So I have but the sport let them provide fort
for so soon as ive done I am gone, brave boys
for so, etc.

For if I should keep all the Children I get
I should have a great many lives,
I wil[l] take a halter and cut my own throat,
before ile have so many wives,
before, etc.

For Gentleman-like I live as I be
and am free from care and sorrow,
It never a penny I have over night,
be sure I have some the next morrow brave boys
be sure, etc.

So young men ile leave you make use of your time
for so long as my Codpiss doth hold,
I am sure of this, let it hit or miss:
I shall want neither Silver nor Gold brave boys
I shall want neither Silver nor Gold.

London Printed for W. Thackeray, T. Passenger, and W. Whitwood.

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