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British Library - Roxburghe
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Two excellent New SONGS.
I. A new Love Song.
II. Newcastle Ale.
A New Love SONG.

DOwn in yon Meadow fresh and gay,
Picking of Flowers the other Day,
Picking of Lillies red and blue:
I little thought what Love could do.

Where Love is planted there it grows,
It buds and blossoms much like a Rose;
It has a sweet and pleasant smell,
No Flower on earth can it excel.

Must I be bound, must she be free,
Must I love one that loves not me;
If I should act such a childish Part,
To love a Girl that would break my Heart.

If there are thousands, thousands in a Room
My Love she carries the brightest Bloom;
Sure she is some chosen one,
I will have her, or Ill have none.

I saw a Ship sailing on the Deep,
She saild as deep as she could swim;
But not so deep as in Love I am,
I care not whether it sink or swim.

I set my Back against an Oak,
I thought it was a trusty Tree,
But first it bent and then it broke,
So did my false Love to me.

I put my Hand into the Bush,
Thinking the sweetest Rose to find,
I prickd my Fingers to the Bone,
And left the sweetest Rose behind.

If Roses be such prickly Flowers,
They must be gatherd while theyre green,
And he that loves an unkind Lover,
Im sure he strives against the stream.

When my Love is dead and at an end,
Ill think of her whom I love best,
Ill rap her up Linning strong,
And think on her when shes dead and gone.

Newcastle ALE, Tune Lillabolero.

FAIR Venus, the Goddess of Beauty and Love,
Arose from the Froth that swam on the Sea;
Minerva leapd out of the Cranium of Jove,
A coy sullen Slut as most Authors agree:
Bold Bacchus, they tell us, the Prince of good Fellows,
Was his natural Son, but attend to my Tale!
For they that thus chatter mistake quite the Matter,
He sprung from a Barrel of Newcastle Ale.
Newcastle Ale, Boys; Newcastle Ale,
No Liquor on Earth is like Newcastle Ale.

Then having surveyd well the Cask whence he sprung,
And finding it empty, disconsolate grew;
He mounted a stride, set his A----e on the Bung;
And away to the Gods and the Goddesses flew;
But when he lookd down, and saw the fair Town
To pay him due Honours not likely to fail;
He swore, on all Earth, that the Place of his Birth
Was the best, and no Liquor like Newcastle Ale,
Newcastle Ale, Boys, etc.

Ye Doctors, who more Execution have done
With Bolus and Potion, and Powder and Pill,
Than Hangmen with Halter, and Soldier with Gun,
Or Miser with Famine, or Lawyer with Quill,
To dispatch us the quicker, you forbid us Malt Liquor,
Till our Bodies grow thin, and our Faces look pale;
Observe them who pleases, what cures all Diseases
Is a comforting Dose of good Newcastle Ale.
Newcastle Ale, Boys, etc.

Ye Bishops and Deacons Priests, Curates, and Vicars,
Come taste, and youll certainly find it is true,
That Newcastle Ale is the best of all Liquors,
And who understand the good Creature like you?
It dispels evry Vapour, saves Pen, Ink and Paper;
For when youre disposd from the Pulpit to rail,
It will open your Throats, you may preach without Notes
When inspird with full Bumpers of Newcastle Ale.
Newcastle Ale, Boys, etc.

Let each Lover that talks of Flames, Darts and Daggers,
With Newcastle Ale ply his Mistress but hard;
The Lass that once tastes it will drink till she staggers,
And all his past Service and Suffrings reward:
He may turn her, and twist her, and do what he lists, Sir,
Engage her but briskly he soon must prevail;
Fill, fill the Glass often, for nothing can soften
The Heart of a Woman like Newcastle Ale.
Newcastle Ale, Boys; Newcastle Ale,
No Liquor on Earth is like Newcastle Ale.


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