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British Library - Roxburghe
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True pattern of Constancy:
The Loyal Lovers Joys Compleated.
When Young-men find their Loves unkind,
they then impatient grow,
But when their Grief dos find Relief,
it Expiates their Woe.
To an Excellent New Tune: Or, Farewell the Flower of false deceit, etc.
This may be Printed, R. P.

FArewell thou Flower of false deceit,
and I wish the heighth of you may fade,
That your Countenance may altered be,
and your Honour in the Dust be laid.

Neer was a Man more true than I,
as you yourself full well do know;
Till I found you in your Cruelty,
that you sought my final Overthrow.

I wish the bright Sun may not shine
on thee, as it has done before;
For your Countenance hath me beguild,
I can love again, but you no more.

Once I could have been as constant Sweet-heart
for to cross the Ocean Seas for thee,
As Vulcan did for Venuss sake,
when he Sailed into Italy.

If you were as fair as Rosamond was,
with her Cherry Cheeks and dimpled Chin;
Or if you were as fair as Hellena was,
I should never more delight therein.

But now my heart it is my own,
why should I for another care?
For to sigh and sob, lament, and moan,
for to bring my self unto Despair?

I will enjoy my Liberty,
and in the World I mean to range;
For I will no more your Captive be,
you I for another mean to change.

You treated me with such despight,
while I your person did adore,
That I value not your Beauty bright,
then adieu, adieu for evermore.

The Maidens Answer to the Young-man.

Such Resolutions do not name,
pray let me speak a word or two;
Do not thus against thy Love exclaim,
when thou knowst I cannot part with thee,

Why dost thou charge me with Deceit?
such was my Love and Loyalty,
That I never could your Person meet,
but you proved as a Life to me.

Here I do offer hand and heart,
with all that I can call my own;
Then do not from thy true Love part,
but take some pity of my moan.

For my heart to thee is linked fast,
I cannot waver with the Wind;
But as long as ever Life shall last,
sure I shall never change my mind.

This Loving Couples happy Agreement.

Can I believe this is my Dear,
who once did slight me with disdain?
If it be, then will my joys appear,
seeing she is thus returnd again.

Now nothing can my peace annoy,
as long as ever Life dos last;
In my Dear I place my chiefest joy,
utterly forgetting all thats past.

I will embrace thee in my Arms,
with many a soft and tender Kiss,
With many thousand pleasant Charms,
in a full perfection of our Bliss.

Tho once I did reflect on thee,
twas while my heart was filld with grief,
And I never did expect to see,
that thou ever wouldst afford Relief.

But since the Frowns of Fate are fled,
and I have found thy Constancy,
Now my heart is free from fear and dread,
I will love my Jewel till I dye.

Then he took his true Love by the hand,
calling her his true and Turtle-Dove,
Well no longer now disputing stand,
but resolve to live and dye in Love.

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