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British Library - Roxburghe
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True LOVE without DECEIT;
Poor Strephon sadly doth lament
Cause Phillis is unkind,
Yet vows that she shall never see,
In him a change of Mind.
To the Tune of, over Hills and High Mountains.

UNfortunate Strephon
Well mayest thou complain
Since thy cruel Phillis
Thy Suit doth disdain
But let her persist
In her fierce Tyranny
Yet I will be faithful
To her till I dye.

Through Woods & through Desarts
Ile privately walk
And there of my Phillis
Ile mournfully talk,
Where the pretty sweet Birds
With my moan shall comply
For I will be faithful,
To her and,

Ah Phillis Remember
That thou art unkind
Ah Phillis remember
Thou art still in my mind,
Ah Phillis remember
My true Constancy,
For I will,
To the,

But mind for thy sake
How the World I do range,
And though thou art cruel
Yet I will not change,
For thou like an Angel
Dost seem in mine eye
And I will,
To thee,

Sometimes in a Dream
I slumbring do lye,
And then my dear Phillis
Appears to mine Eye,
And straight all my Senses
Away from me flye,
And I vow to be.
To her etc.

But when I awake and
Do find twas a Dream,
Just like one distracted,
I presently seem,
And cry that a hapless
Poor Lover am I.
Yet vow,
To thee etc.

What canst thou propose
To thy self for to gain,
By keeping thy Lover
Fast lockd in a Chain?
Or why dost thou send me
Such Darts from thine Eye
Who Vow,
To thee etc.

No Prayers nor Tears
With thee can prevaile
Till Death by Commission
Takes me to his Jayl,
For whilst I do live
This shall be my cry,
That I will be
To, etc,

Since nothing can move thee.
I still must despair,
Since thou wilt not love me
It adds to my Care
Since I for thy sake still
In Fetters must lye
Yet I will,
To thee etc.

Thus Strephon continud
His Making complaint
But he wanting breath then
Began for to Faint
And with the last Breath
That ere from him did fly
Still said heed be faithful
Until he did dye.

Printed for P. Brooksby at the golden ball in Pye-Corner.

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