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The true Lovers Admonition.
Of all the Colours in the world,
the black hair is the best,
Though fair & brown may be well curld
yet black exceeds the rest:
That is the colour I do prize,
and love beyond all measure,
She that hath black Hair and black eyes,
esteem her as a treasure.
The Tune is, So Sweet is the Lass that Loves me,

YOu pretty little young men all,
come listen to my Ditty,
Beware how you in love do fall
Id have you wise and witty:
But whensoere you make a vow
be sure you do not break it,
For there be fair Young Maids enough,
that willingly will take it.

Let me a little you advise,
that when you go a wooing,
You may chuse, one thats fair and wise,
least it be your undoing:
The Lass that hath a rouling eye,
will vow and quickly break it
Though she at first seem to deny,
Ile warrant thee boy sheel take it.

Do not thou chuse a long-nosd Lass,
for shes inclind to scolding
And be to thee a plague alas!
be not to her beholding:
What though she store of money hath,
youd better take one naked,
Not one in twenty that draws breath,
but will go near to take it.

And she that is splay-footed too,
ide have thee not to mind her,
But chuse you one thats fair and true
if you know where to find her:
For here and there youl find one fair,
will vow and will not break it
Not one in ten I say agen,
but will go near to take it.

The Carrot pate besure you hate,
for shel be true to no man,
But put her toot and she will dot,
and oft turns very common:
She that is red upon the head,
will doubtless ner forsake it,
But wanton be, assuredly,
and willingly will take it.

She that hath hair thats bright and fair,
will do the trick most neatly,
Of her ide have you have a care,
least she cheat you compleatly:
Then do not try, for certainly,
if you but at het shake it,
She will conclude you are not rude,
but freely she will take it.

The Crump, the Hopper-arse and all,
will make you no denial,
They willingly will take a fall,
if you come to the tryal:
Yould find that I speak merrily,
by no means will forsake it,
It is well known theres few or none,
but willingly will take it.

The old, the young, the weak, the strong,
full easily are tempted,
They will not be perswaded from,
nor from it be exempted:
Then have a care all colourd hair,
will right and reason make it,
To use their own, since it is known
that more or all will take it.

But let me not forget to praise,
the Glory of the Nation,
For there is none that nowadays,
are free from Loves temptation:
Except it be the black, & she,
hates Lust and will forsake it,
Shel live & die contentedly,
and never mind to take it.

Except it be with her own Dear,
and then shel ner deny it,
To trade a touch, then theres no fear,
but shel resolve to try it
And willingly she will comply
thought were to lye stark naked,
For tis well known, that with ones own,
it is no shame to take it.

Then you that do Wooing go,
be by a friend advised,
For why, good counsel you do know,
too often is dispised,
Take some girls by the Petticoat,
& do but gently shake it,
Then presently she will plainly showt
thet merrily she will take it.

And now for to conclude I say,
you ought for to be careful,
That you throw not your selves away;
then be exceeding fearful:
Try but the black how she doth smack,
shel vow & ner will break it,
First do her wed, then go to Bed
and I warrant she will take it.

Printed for P. Brooksby at the Golden Ball in Pye-Corner.

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