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Jemmys Resolution,
OR, An Answer to Coy Jennys Reply.
You Maidens fair of beauty bright,
I pray attend and mind;
You may be Crowned with Delight,
If you are not unkind.
To the Tune of, Jenny tell me Roundly.

JENNY when I was most Loyal,
you did scornfully deride me,
This is Truth without denyal,
twas your frowns that did divide me;
Since tis so, farewel go,
for Coy Jenny now believe me:
Beauty fare, shant ensnare,
nor your frowns shall never grieve me.

Man with Wisdome may be armed,
to subdue the heat of folly,
Hes a Fool that will be Charmed
to that Fate of Melancholly;

Though I say, Maidens may
give to Young-men sharp reflection,
Yet be ruld, nere be foold,
take my Counsel for direction.

Whensoever they discover
that your Love is most intire,
Finding you a faithful Lover,
then theyl baffle your desire:
Therefore I, them defie,
I will not be thus abused;
Love I find, when unkind,
is a Plague to those that use it.

BEauty never shall betray me,
nor subdue my disposition,
No nor grief shall near decay me,
I will be my own Physitian;
For my Love, i[]le remove,
since my reason doth advise me:
For no more, Ile adore,
Beauty shall not tantalize me.

Jenny thou wast often froward,
when you found my Love United,
You were peevish and untoward,
thus refusd to be delighted;
You intend, we should bend,
counting it to be our Duty:
I reply, Ile deny,
ere to be a slave to Beauty.

Should they be perfumd and painted,
yet I will not be deluded,
Though they seem for to be Sainted,
yet from me they are excluded;
To prevail, they shall fail,
I will still withstand the motion;
I will be, perfect free,
this shall be my resolution.

Then brave Lads of Loyal London,
see what here I have indicted,
Maidens they will cry theyre undone,
if they find they once are slighted;

They lament, and Repent,
that they ever was so cruel:
Then youl find, theyl be kind,
and will prize you as a Jewel.

Though you love with true affection,
and desire to raise your Honour,
Then observe my kind direction,
do not seem to dote upon her:
If you do, as Im true,
they will certainly reject you;
With a frown, run you down,
and will not at all respect you.

What I have in brief declared,
let it be your Rule umninded,
See you dont at all defer it,
then youl never fail to find it;
Happile you may be
free from all vexatious clamours:
Then beware of the snare,
that woud cross your pleasant hu-mours.

Wine will truly make thee merry,
and will banish all vexation,
Fill the tother Glass of Sherry,
give thy heart a sweet Colation;
For no more Ile adore
neither Jenny, Sue, nor Sarah:
But brave Boys, Crown our joys
with a Glass of Rich Canary.

Printed for J. Deacon, at the Sign of the Angel in Guiltspur-street, without Newgate.

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