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EBBA 30911

British Library - Roxburghe
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And Constant JEMMY.
True Love Rewarded with Kindness:
A Delightful and pleasant New Song.
Loves potent power no mortal can withstand,
Nor shun those Shafts shot by God Cupids hand;
Jenny resists in vain, for Jemmy he,
Began the Onset, gaind the Victory.
To a new play-house Tune, or, tell me Jenny etc.

TEll me Jenny tell me roundly,
when you will your heart surrender,
Faith and troth I love thee soundly,
twas I that was the first Pretender:
Ner say nay, nor delay,
heres my heart, and heres my hand too,
Alls that mine, shall be thine.
body and goods at thy command too.

Ah! how many Maids, quoth Jenny,
have you promisd to be true to;
Fie, I think the Devils in ye,
to hug a body so as you do:

What dye do, let me go,
I cant abide such foolish doing;
Get ye gon, Naughty man,
fye, is this your way of Wooing.

Prithee Jenny dont despise me,
since I am thy faithful Lover,
I above the Indies prize thee,
and my mind to thee discover;
Take no care, for I swear,
thou shalt be my only Jewel;
Grant relief, to my grief,
prethee dearest be not cruel.

All your words cannot deceive me,
for I know you do but flatter,
When your will is gaind youl leave me
for to mince upon the matter:
Therefore know, to your Bow,
I will never yield or bend to,
For I find, words are wind,
whatsoever you pretend to.

O my heart will burst in sunder,
if you do not grant some pitty,
Jenny is the worlds great wonder,
of the pregnant, wise, and witty:
Oh my dear, do not fear,
for to you I will be Loyal,
If to me, youl be free,
and but put me to the Tryal.

Well quoth Jenny, you have charmd me,
with the power of your expression,
And with love hath strangely armd me,
from which I can make no digression:
And will grant, what you want,
if you will vouchsafe to marry,
And if so, let us go,
for I will no longer tarry.

Dearest Jenny I consent to,
this your fair and friendly offer,
Which shall be to thy content to,
since you make so kind a proffer:
None alive, shall deprive
me of my dear and only Hony,
I am thine, thou art mine,
better far than Gold or Money.

Thus at length they both consented,
nothing could these Lovers sever,
And their friends were well contented,
they resolvd to love for ever:
So they went, with intent,
to the Kirk for to be marryd,
Both did joyn, and combine,
vexd that they so long had tarryd.

Printed for J. Deacon at the Angel in

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