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British Library - Roxburghe
Ballad XSLT Template
The Maydens of Londons brave adventures,
A Boon Voyage intended for the Sea,
Some gone before, and some to follow:
Their Sweet-hearts are resolvd also
This noble Voyage for to go.
Because they hold their Love so dear,
As in this Ditty you shall hear.
Tune is, a Taylor is a man: Or, Wet and weary.

COme all you very merry London Girls,
that are disposed to Travel,
Here is a Voyage now at hand,
will save your feet from gravel,
If you have shooes you need not fear
for wearing out the Leather
For why you shall on shipboard go,
like Loving Rogues together,
Some are already gone before
the rest must after follow
Then come away and do not stay
Your guide shal be Apollo.

Peg, Nell, and Sisse, Kate, Doll, and Besse
Sue, Rachel, and sweet Sara
one, Prudence & Grace have took their place
with Debora, Jane, and Mary,
Fair Winifright, and Bridget bright,
sweet Rose and pretty Nany,
With Ursely neat and Alice compleat
that had the love of many
All these brave Girls and others more
conducted by Apollo,
Have tane their leaves and are gone before
And their Loves wil after follow.

Then why should those that are behind
slink back and dare not venture
For you shall prove the Sea-men kind,
if once the ships you enter
You shall be fed with good strong fare
according to the season
Bisket salt-Beef, and English Beer
and Pork well boyld with Peason
And since that some are gone before
the rest with Joy may follow
To bear each other company
Conducted by Apollo.

When you come to the appointed place
your minds you need not trouble
For every groat that you got here
you shall have three times double
For there are Gold and Silver Mines
and treasures much abounding,
As plenty as New-Castle Coales
at some parts may be founding,
Then come away make no delay
all you that mean to follow
The Ships are ready bound to go
Conducted by Apollo.

The second part to the same Tune.

FOr victuals when as you come there
you shall have choice and plenty
Pigs, Turkies, Geese, Cocks, Hens, and Ducks,
and other fare most dainty,
Also be sure that you shall have
enough sold for your mony
A good fat Capon for a groat
and eighteen eggs a penny
Then come brave Lasses come away,
if you desire to follow,
Your sisters that are gone before
Conducted by Apollo.

Thinne cloathing then may serve your [t]urn
when as you do come thither,
For there the Sun is hot enough,
and very warm the weather,
All that youle have to care for there
is very little or nothing,
For there is all things at cheap rates
both meat and drink and cloathing
Then come brave Lasses come away
you need not fear to follow,
Those that are newly gone I say
Conducted by Apollo,

If any of you have sweet-hearts,
let that not greatly grieve you,
Tis very like they shall be sent,
soon after to relieve you,
And when they come where as you are
and sees your lovely faces,
You wil rejoyce to meet them there,
with kisses and imbraces
Make haste away use no delay,
conducted by Apollo
If that the Maidens go before
the Young men they will follow.

The Reason as I understand
why you go to that Nation,
Is to inhabit that fair Land
and make a new plantation
Where you shall h[a]ve good ground enough,
for Planting and for Tilling
Which never shal be taken away,
so long as you there are living;
Then come brave lasses come away,
conducted by Apollo,
Although that you do go before,
your sweet-hearts they will follow,

The Young mens Resolution to follow their
Sweet-hearts, and seek till they find them.

Seeing our sweet-hearts are gone before
great cause we have to mind them,

And we are firmly now resolved
to seek until we find them
Weele crosse the curled Ocean main,
our minds shall no way waver,
Til we have found our Loves again,
and got into their favor
For since that they are gone before,
with speed we will them follow
For fear their foes should do them wrong,
If they should misse Apollo,

Sweet Neptune be our safe convey,
and Jove we pray befriend us,
That we our true loves may injoy,
great Mars such Fortune send us,
That no false Spaniard may betray,
our loves to keep them from us,
Then shall we meet with them once more
according to our promise,
For since that they are past away,
we cannot chuse but follow
Through fire or Water, heat or cold,
Conducted by Apollo.

Take courage now my noble hearts,
let not Jack Spaniard Jeer us,
If we but take each others parts,
the Infidels will fear us,
Tis neither Pagan, Turk, nor Jew,
nor any proud Philistians,
That can our English men subdue,
nor wrong us that are Christians,
Our Sweet-hearts they are gone before
and wele make haste to follow
For it is supposd they are bound to Sea,
Conducted by Apollo.

So now dear hearts we come, we come,
thers nothing will dismay us,
I hope there is no friend of ours,
that will desire to stay us,
Our forraign foes we do not fear,
God and good Angels guide us,
For you wele venture far and near
what chance so ever betyde us,
Through old America or Spain
Conducted by Apollo
Wele search to find you out again,
so closely will we follow.

London Printed for Fran. Grove
on Snow-hill.

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