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Maidens Tragedy:
A brief Account of a Young Damsel near Wolverhampton, who Cut
her Throat in Despair, because she could not have the Man she
To the Tune of Russels Farewell. Licensed according to Order.

NEar Wolverhampton livd a Maid,
who fell into Despair;
Her yielding Heart was soon betrayd
into Loves fatal Snare:
A Young-man courted her, we find,
and seeming Love did flow;
Yet after all, he provd unkind,
which wrought her Overthrow.

Here do I languish in distress,
the youthfull Damsel cryd,
To see his most unfaithfulness,
[all round on eery side,]

I nothing see but Clouds of Grief,
and Storms of bitter woe,
Its Death alone must yield Relief,
Love proves my Overthrow.

False-hearted Thomas call to mind,
the solemn Vows you made,
That you woud never prove unkind,
and can you now degrade
Your Loyal Lover now at last;
and fill my Heart with woe;
Which will my Life and Glory blast
and prove my Overthrow.

I courted was, both day and night,
at length I gave Consent;
This done, my Love he strait did slight,
and leaves me to lament,
As if he took delight to see
mine Eyes like Fountains flow;
Oh most ungrateful Man, said she,
Love proves my Overthrow.

Not long agoe he did adore
my very Charms he cryd;
Was ever Man so false before,
in all the World beside!
A harmless Lover to deceive
and drown in Tears of Woe;
This World I am resolvd to leave,
Love proves my Overthrow.

The killing Torment that I feel,
doth such a Passion raise,
That I no longer can conceal
the Sorrows of my days;
Ill hasten Death this very day,
to ease my Heart of Woe;
I find there is no other way,
Love proves my Overthrow.

Thus being filld with Discontent,
she took a bloody Knife,
In desperate sort resolvd and bent
to cut the Thread of Life:

Down from her Throat the reeking Gore
in purple streams did flow
And though she lay a week and more,
it provd her Overthrow.

With Grief and Sorrow compassd round
she languishd night and day;
At length her fatal bleeding Wound
did take her quite away:
And all along before she dyd,
her Eyes with Tears did flow,
Likewise she wrung her hands and cryd,
Love proves my Overthrow.

Farewell to him who is the Cause,
of all my grief and care;
Had he been true to Cupids Laws,
I solemnly declare
We might have livd in happiness
in Love and Peace I know;
But Sorrows doth my Soul oppress
and proves my Overthrow.

Though now at present he may have
Content, and Pleasure find,
When I am sleeping in my Grave
he then will call to mind
Who causd this present wretched State,
and fill his Heart with Woe,
And then he may repent too late
my dismal Overthrow.

Printed for J. Deacon, at the Angel, in Gilt-spur-street, without Newgate.

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