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LOVE in a Bush:
The two Loyal Lovers Joy compleated.
She seemd to slight her Hearts delight,
which caus[]d him to complain:
But when she see his Loyalty,
she made him glad again.
Tune of, Oh so ungrateful a Creature. This may be printed. R. P.

ONe Evening in Summer season,
when each Lad walks with his Lass,
In the cool shades which are pleasing,
as by a Grove I did pass,
My wandring fancy contenting,
musing m[y] self all alone,
I heard a youngman lamenting,
making this sorrowful moan.

O cruel Maid! thus to slight me
whom you once loved so dear;
There is nothing can delight me,
since my fate is so severe,
Just in the bright of my Blessing
to turn my pleasure to pain;
And when I should be possessing,
to cure me with her disdain.

You little Birds that flock hither,
and in this Grove do abide,
Witness how oft she vowd never
nothing our Hearts should divide:
Yet now her love it is ended,
and I the cause cannot tell;
If I have ever offended,
it was in loving too well.

When I, with sorrow surrounded,
move her to pitty my pain,
The more I sue I am wounded
with the Darts of her disdain:
If that the love of another
makes her deny me relief,
Yet I for ever will love her,
though shes the cause of my grief.

O ye kind powers befriend me,
and in her Breast pitty move,
That she some comfort may send me,
since I so constant do prove:
Though she give me a denial,
thus by her unconstancy,
Yet I will ever be loyal,
and her true Lover will dye.

When he had ended this Ditty,
he was about to depart;
Then a young Damosel most pretty
out of a Bush there did start:
Who to the young-man then going,
Let not sad Grief thee annoy:
Thus she said while Tears was flowing
with the Excess of her joy.

Dearest, since I unperceived
heard you your passion express,
And thereby my doubts relieved,
now I the truth will confess:
To try your Love I denyd you,
which since I find to be true;
I will love no one beside you,
therefore bid Sorrow adieu.

Though I did seem so ungrateful
as your true Love do disdain,
Yet in my heart I was faithful,
and so I still will remain:
Happy is she, my dear jewel,
that such a Lover can find;
Ah! who coud ever be cruel
to one so constant and kind?

All the sad grief you indured
was for my sake I do know;
Therefore you may be assured
that I my Heart will bestow
On thee without a denial;
witness ye Powers above,
That I will ever be loyal
and true to thee my dear Love.

Thus with sweet kisses expressing
unto the young-man her mind,
Who wrapt with joy such a Blessing
so unexpected to find,
Gave her a thousand sweet Kisses,
both their joys then was compleat.
There is no Maiden but wishes
such a true Lover to meet.

Printed for James Bissel at the Bible and Harp in West Smithfield.

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