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EBBA 30732

British Library - Roxburghe
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Languishing SWAIN.
The Happy Return of his Loyal Love.
This Loyal Swain, did much complain,
his love was most unkind,
Which when she heard, she soon appeard,
And easd his grieved mind.
Tune of, Charon make haste. This may be Printed, R.P.

DOwn by the side of a fair Christial Fountain,
I over-heard a young Shepherds Swain,
While many sorrows he then was recounting,
crying sweet Darling thou art to blame:
Think of the Vows you often made me,
that you would never prove untrue,
Yet I experience you now have betrayd me,
never was Woman more false then you.

My pretty young Lambs that are by me feeding,
can ner be sensib[l]e of my woe,
With passion of Love my poor heart is bleeding,
since she will never no kindness show:

Who I esteem my dearest Jewel,
now at the last has provd untrue,
I never thought you could have been so cruel,
was ever Woman more false then you.

While I was enjoying each pleasing savour,
which you did frequently then extend,
I never thought that your mind it would waver,
but now I find it is at an end.
Are you not guilty of my ruin,
since I must bid the World adieu,
Nothing but sorrows I see are ensuing,
was ever Woman more false then you.

How I lament for to think of those hours,
which with my love I did once enjoy,
Among the Violets and sweet fragrant flowers,
now all my freedom she does destroy:
I am dep[r]ived of the pleasure,
therefore I know not what to do,
For my sad torment is now out of measure,
was ever Woman more false then you?

Altho I might have the choicest of many,
nothing my fancy can ere remove,
For surely I never can fancy any,
but thee alone whom I dearly love:
Here I declare I cant be fickle,
still to my Vow I will prove true,
Then from his eyes many tears they did trickle
was ever Woman more false then you?

Now when the Damsel did hear his Oration,
in a soft Language she did reply,
This is no more then a false accusation,
never was Creature more true than I:
Tho I some hours here did leave thee,
to tend my Lambs within the Grove,
Yet I resolvd I would never deceive thee,
but willl be loyal to thee my love.

Thou that hast been my unfeigned pretender,
shall have no reason thus to complain,
Here to thy Arms I my self do surrender,
and will for ever with thee remain:
Might I have all the Indian treasure,
it should my fancy ner remove:
Thou shalt enjoy all the blessings of pleasure,
for ile be loyal to thee my love.

Then he arose and was running to meet her,
his Joys was raisd to this vast extream,
Saying, is this the voice of my sweet Creature,
or is it but a deluding dream:
No, it is I, said she, sweet Jewel,
who will be like the Turtle Dove,
I never yet was, nor ner will be cruel,
but will be loyal to thee my love.

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