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EBBA 30698

British Library - Roxburghe
Ballad XSLT Template
Or, The Loves of Stella and Adonis.
A new Court song much in request.
To a new tune. Or, Hey boys up go we, the charming Nymph, or Jenny Gin.

THe night her blackest sables wore,
all glooming were the Skies,
And glittering Stars there were no more
then those in Stellas Eyes:
When at her Fathers Gate I knockt,
where I had often been,
And shrouded only in her Smock,
The fair one let me in[.]

Fast lockd within my close embrace
she blushing lay ashamd;
Her swelling Breasts, and glowing face,
and every touch inflamd
My eager passion; I obeyd,
resolving the Fort to win,
And her fond heart was soon betrayd:
[to yield, and let me in.]

There, then, beyond expressing,
immortal was the joy,
I knew no greater Blessing,
so happy then was I:
And she, transported with delight,
oft prayed me to come again,
And kindly vowd that ery night
shed rise and let me in.

But, ah! at last she provd with Bearn,
and sighing sate, and dull;
And I, who had as much concern,
lookt then just like a fooll:
Her lovely eyes with tears ran down,
repenting her rash Sin,
She sighd and curst that fatal hour
that ere she let me in.

But who coud cruelly deceive,
or from such beauty part?
I lovd her so I could not leave
the Charmer for my heart;
But wedded, and conceald the Crime;
thus all was well again,
And now she thanks the blessed time
that ere she let me in.

Such wanton youngsters seldom prove
so true at heart as I,
But when they gain a Damsels Love,
too oft away they fly:

Whilest I such Treachery abhor,
for tis a deadly sin,
And now no cause she has to grieve
that she did let me in.

Those Rosie-blushes that did stain
her Cheeks, do now grow pale,
Her heart is now revivd again,
sighs did with me prevail:
She grieved was, and I perplext,
but now rejoyce again,
And Stella now no more is vext
because she let me in.

When young Adonis calld to mind
the tricks of wanton youth;
He cryd, my Stella she was kind:
this is the very truth.
Quod she, thou now hast got the knack
a tender heart to win,
Good Lodging thou shalt never lack,
for I will let thee in.

With fiery eyes he then beheld
Stella, his hearts delight;
He vowd to love he was compelld
by charms of beauty bright:
A thousand times he did her kiss,
and then she did begin,
And said, there is no joy like this:
Ime glad I have let thee in.

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