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A Godly Guide of Directions
for true penitent Sinners in these troubled times.
That we call to God to be our friend,
To think upon our latter end,
Mans Life is short and at no stay
Wee almost have a dying day,
That God may guide us along,
To bring us to our heavenly home,
Where our Souls may live and ever rest
With heavenly Angels that are blest.
Tune is, Aim not too high by Robert Tipping:

GOod people all, I pray you understand
These Verses now which I do take in hand
And take good notice I pray you to the end
It will put you in mind that God will be you friend

Theres little Love in this World to be seen
Our Hearts doth swell with malice evermore
It is a great wonder for our our grievous sin
God does not strike us with some grievous sore.

There was never so much swearing in this Land,
And taking of gods sacred name in vain
It hurts our peace and does destroy our Land.
And sore offends our gracious God of Heaven,

It is a grievous thing if people would but mind
To think how sinful in this land we be
God give us grace that we may mend in time
And beg for pardon on our our bended knee
What innocent blood by Villains has been shed
[A grievious thing it was then to behold.]

In use to bring Gods Judgment on our head
But still his mercies they are manifold.
Good Lord that people would but live more civil
And serve the Lord in a most loving way
And forsake the Sin of Pride that is so evil
That God may be our friend both night & day

Tis not the pride of Cloths but the pride of Heart
That hurts a man or Woman I do say,
The Lord takes notice of the inner part
Therefore good people wee had need to pray.

And let love and charity be more in use
And serve the Lord & keep the Sabbath-day
O then there would not be so much abuse
But mend our lives I say then every way.

The holy Bible shews us every ways
It was for sin the world before was drownd,
If we understand but what the Scripture saith
[Surely our faith and prayers will more abound.]

Our Saviour bids us if we be relest
Come with penitent heart our souls shall make a show
And come to him and he will give us rest
If they were as red as scarlet heel make them as white as sno[w.]

Theres many never thinks of serving God
For many sudden death there is truly,
But runs on in sin till they be struckned dead,
And as the tree doth fall so it will lye.

You see what warning-pieces God hath sent
By fire and sword, and sickness for our sins,
To turn our hearts that we may all repent
Yet to mend were loth for to begin.

Lets leave our sins & pray for spiritual Grace
To trim our lamps, to fill them up with Oyl
Our dying day is coming on a pace
Then God will give A blessing to our Souls.

Gods mercy it is great we may be sure
If we with penitent hearts can but repent
If we with patience can our Cross indure
In Health or Sickness truly be content.

And lets be careful how our time we spend
And love our Neighbour and relieve the poor
Whatever we do that God may be our Friend,
Gods mercies they will bless us and our Store,

Now all good people I say no more but this
Lets live in love while this Life doth endure,
Let every one mend what is amiss
Gods love is to those people to be sure.

Our time is short we have not long to stay
But yet lets strongly stand upon our guard,
God give us grace to mind our latter day
That our souls in Heaven may have a good reward.

Concluding of these verses now in print
God bless us all & ever to our death
That all may understand what here is int
When he is pleasd that we shall loose our Breath.

The oldest man that ever livd oth earth
Had but his time he at the last did dye,
We must stoop to death & leave this life at last
Let us work for Heaven, and Heavenly Eternity.

Printed for P. Brooksby at the golden ball in Pye-Corner.

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