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British Library - Roxburghe
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Doubtful ROBIN;
Or, Constant NANNY.
Tune of, Woud you be a man of Fashion, or, Doubting Virgin.

DEarest Nanny prithee tell me,
be so just as tell me true
What hard fate was that befell me
to be slighted so by you:I that thought your vows so lasting
did imagine no deceit,
But I find all your protesting
to be nothing but a cheat.
But I find etc.

Tell me then thou faithless woman
why thou dost so ill with me,
Thou that did protest that no man
ever was so dear to thee:

Tho in vain I should perswade thee
once thy promise to renew,
Yet I pitty to upbraid thee
that thou art so much untrue.
Yet etc.

Her Answer.
Dearest Robin pray believe me,
from my heart I freely speak,
I did never yet deceive thee,
nor my vows will never break;
I did alwaies love you dearly,
and no other man but you,
My poor heart does shew it clearly,
that I never was untrue.
My poor heart etc.

Tell me pray why you are frighted
that I should unconstant prove,
Or to think that you are slighted,
or the least suspect my love;
Tell me pray that I may mend it,
if that any cause be due;
I am sure I can defend it,
for I never was untrue.
I am sure etc.

Take this kiss and take my heart too
if that will confirm my dear,
if you think I do not smart too,
will you then believe this tear:Jealousie indeed may wrong us,
and our sorrows may renew,
if your fears bring that among us,
tis in vain for to be true.
If your fears etc.

Yet my dearest ner shall find it
that I ere will prove unkind,
For I never yet design[]d it
ever for to change my mind;
Since you once believd I lovd you,
know I still shall do so too,
Let no jealous fancy move you
for to think I am untrue.
Let no jealous etc.

Dearest Nanny ile believe thee,
And reserve thee to my heart,
For my jealous thoughts forgive me
and we never more will part:
All the day I will embrace thee,
to my fears ile bid adieu,
When at night I shall unlace thee,
thou shalt say that I am true.
When at night etc.

But I hope that we are friends too,
now thy patience I have tryd:This ile do for thy amends too
whensoere you are my Bride,
Theres my heart & theres my hand too,
to all sorrows bid adieu,
All I have you shall command too,
since I find that you are true.
All I have etc.

So they seald up their indentures
with a loving kiss or two,
Married straight at all adventures,
never Couple lovd so true;
So I wish they may persevere
in this happy way of life,
Then true cause she will have never
to repent she was a wife.
Then true cause etc.

Printed for P. Brooksby at the golden ball in Py-Corner.

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