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Phancies Phoenix.
The Peerless Paragon of the Times.
Being a young Gallants description of a Lady which he hath settled his thoughts on, res[o]lving
never to change, not to love any other Beauty or Face in the World,
And is perswaded if there be
A Phoenix in the world, tis she.
To an amorous new Tune.

COme all you Batchellors so brave
that spend your time in Cupids Court
And with your complements do crave,
with many Ladies for to sport:
I am contrary to your mind,
I court but one and shes unkind,
Shes vertuous chaste and if there be,
a Phoenix in the world tis she.

I little thought I ever could,
by any beauty ere be won,
Nor can I now if that I would,
remove my mind on any one:
No wealth, no beauty, nor no face,
my fixed thoughts from her disgrace,
Shes vertuous, chaste, and if there be,
a Phoenix in the world tis she.

I Must confess: I am in Love
although I th[o]ught I n[e]v[e]r should,
B[u]t su[r]e she was se[n]t [fr]om above
and made of Natures chiefest mould:
So pure so fair, and all Divine
Ile quit the world to make her mine:
Shes vertuous, chaste and if there be
a Phoenix in the World tis she.

Do you not see the Stars retreat
when Sol salutes the sky so clear
So must all beau[t]i[e]s ne[r]e so g[r]eat
shrink and withdraw when she appear;
So br[i]ght so clea[r], that all must say
[t]is fair Roselia claims the day,
Shes vertuous, chaste, and if there, etc.

Her bashful Cheeks with blushing sweet,
cast such a rich ve[r]mill[i]on dye,
That Rose and Lilly t[h]ere doth meet
each striving for the victory:
So rare, so pu[r]e, youl scarce beli[e]ve
dame Nature could such colors [g]ive
Shes vertuous, chaste, and if there etc

Her eyes like sparks of Diamond[s] cl[e]ar
such glances cast in merry sort
No wantonness in them appears
yet Cupid sure [t]here keeps his court
Twas from her Eyes he shot his dart
that thus hath pierc[d] my l[o]ve-si[c]k heart
Shes vertuous, chast, and if there, etc.

But stay my Muse what need have I
to praise her beauty to such sort,
When as her fame abroad doth fly
more then I can of her [r]epor[t]:
We[r]e she to me as kind as fair
then might I live and not despair
But sure I think if that there be
a Phaenix in the World tis she

For she desires to be alone
and never to participate,
Her love she saith to any one
but single livs without a mate,
Such thoughts I think in few remain
yet doth in her the mo[r]es my pain
Then sure I think if that there be, etc.

Cruel she is to none I hear
no more she is not u[n]to me
Nor proud she is not that is rare
youl say in women for to be
Shes courteous, lovely, chast, and fair,
tis few that can with her compare
For sure I think if that there be, etc.

Then if she Phenix-like will live
and dye alone I am content
My heart to her ile freely give
unto no other ile consent
But in her flames my heart shall burn
and Phenix like to ashes turn,
For it is her and none but she
by whom I must revived be.

And if she will not yeild at last
but still her resolution hold,
I will not think my time ill spent
nor yet my love shall nere wax cold
To st[a]y for such a one as she,
I think no time there lost will be,
Id better with my fancy wed
then lodge some women in my bed.

I that you needs would know of me
whereas this Phenix doth abide
For that I must excused be
yet near the Strand she doth reside
No other notice will I give
to any one whilst I do live,
And if she doth a Phaenix dye
look in her ashes there am I.

You roving Batchellors that be
resolved for to spend your time,
In several Maidens company
when as their beauty are in prime,
Beware, beware, let vertue guide
th[ee] to a Maid to make thy Bride:
Let not her beauty tempt your eye,
least vertue too in her you spye.

I must depart time calls away
I cannot now express my mind,
This Song is long enough youl say
unless that she did prove more kin[d]
Shes vertuous, chaste, and therefor
resolve to love her till I die.
For sure I think if that there be,
a Phoenix in the world tis she.

London, Printed for F. Coles, [T]. Vere, and J. Wright.

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