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Ballad XSLT Template
The pining Maid
A Pattern for Lovers
Giving a brief account of the unfortunate death of a young Man living
in Coventry, Shopkeeper, who drowned himself for the Love of a
Maid daughter to a Captain of the said City, because she denyed her
promise and would not yeild to be his wife and now she lives in a
most sad condition and is very much troubled in her mind the Poet
having a hint of some of her grief c[o]mposed these lines into meeter,
according to her directions and so caused it to be Printed for all
young men and maids, to take example by the same.
The tune is, alack for my Love I must dye.

COme all young Men & Maidens
and listen unto me,
I briefly will declare
how im plungd in misery,
And all through my own seeking
I well may say truly,
And tis for my Love that I mourn.

There was a gallant young Man
in Coventry did dwell,
He was a brave Shop-keeper
as it is known full well,
He loved me to dearly the
truth of it to tell,
And etc.

Three years in Love together
was this young Man and I,
Our hearts in one were linked fast
I cannot it deny,
But I was the first breaker
of the bands of amity,
And, etc,

He was as well beloved
as any Man could be.
He was civil in his carriage
toth high and low degree,
Yet for all this poor soul
he could find no Love
And, etc.

The second part to the same tune.

MY Parents they consented
that I should be his wife
Also I was contented
with him to lead my life
But my Pride and Ambition
did seek this deadly strife
And tis for my Love that I mourn.

His heart wad nere at quiet
or could rest but in my sight
He sought all means to please me
and feed my fond delight
At last for to reward him
I paid him with despight,
And, etc.

For when that Marriage it grew nigh
than I did him forsake,
And gave him a flat answer
then he these words did speak,
Oh Mary dont deceive me
and cause my heart to break
And, etc,

He [wept] & waild he wrung his hands
and thus to me did say
Sweet Mary if thou lovest me
oh cast me not away,
But still with a scornful look
his words would not obey,
And, etc.

He seeing no perswasions
my stony heart would move,
He sighing sadly went away
I did it him to prove
I thought he did dissemble
but he did mean true Love
And, etc.

He laid himself upon the bed
but there no rest could be,
Ins mind he was perplexed
as plainly you may see;
That very night he drownd himself
all for the love of me,
And, etc.

[?] when tidings it was brought me
the truth of it was so,
My conscience was tormented
I knew not what to do
Yet all things I kept secret
and made no outward show,
And, etc,

Within a small time after
appeared in my sight
His gashly Ghost that lovd me
and did me sore affright,
And groaning cryd now I do come
for my own hearts delight,
And, etc.

Into such a damp it struck me
and wounded so my heart,
If a thousand swords had piercd me
I could not a felt more smart
Nor can all the Physit[i]ans
yet cure me with their art,
And, etc.

My friends thy much do blame me
and all the Town beside,
Those that which I kept company
now cannot me abide
Because I would not yeild
to be his Bride
And, etc.

Now I have made a solemn Oath
and mean to keep it truly,
Because he lovd me so well
for his sake a Maid to dye
My self I will refrain
from all bad company
And, etc.

Ile live on bread and watter
good dyet ile forsake,
In the world I live in misery
sweet Christ me ready make,
Oh John I come, I come
all this is for thy sake
And, etc.

Altho fi[r]st I made light of it
yet now it doth grieve me sore
That I, should cast a man away
that lovd me long before
I was the causer of his death
which was worth worlds and more
And, etc.

I hope I soon shall follow him
whom I do love so dear,
Though then I made light of him
and for him did not care
I thought love but an idle toy
but now I find it dear
And etc.

Young Maidens all both great & small
to you these lines I send,
Be faithfull in your promise
and true unto your friend
Least at the last your forced
to cry out in the end
And, etc.

Trust not Love ore much
I speak it flat and plain,
Run not the hazard of it
but constant still remain
For fear it be to late
to call yesterday again
And, etc.

For though foolish fancy
as many well do know,
I wrought my loves destruction
I sought his overthrow
Now in Coventry fair City
my love doth lye full low
And, etc.

So adieu you faithful lovers
where ever that you be,
Be sure to keep your promise
in every degree,
Though I remain upon the earth
yet still my hearts with thee
And tis for my love that I mourn.

Printed for Phillip Brooksby near the Hospital-gate in West-Smith-field.

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