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British Library - Roxburghe
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The Phantastick age:
The Anatomy of Englands vanity,
In wearing the fashions
Of severall Nations,
With good exhortations,
Against transmutations.
To the tune of, O Women monstrous etc.

AUdience audience gallants all,
for here (as on a stage)
Ile shew the postures, admirall
of this Phantastick age,
Wherein both sexes are growne strange
and Phebe-like they often change.
O monsters,
Neutrall monsters
leave these foolish toyes.

Chamelion-like themselves they change
to any colour seene,
How many severall fashions strange
have here observed beene
Within the circuit of few yeares,
as by experience truth appeares.
O monsters,
Neutrall monsters,
leave these apish toyes.

An English man or woman now
Ile make excuse for neither,
Composed are I know not how,
of many shreds together:
Italian, Spaniard, French, and Dutch,
of each of these they have a touch.
O monsters,
Neutrall monsters,
leave these apish toyes,

The German and the drunken Dane,
the Persian and Polonian:
The Sun-burnt AEthiopian,
the Russian and Slavonian:

Our English imitate in cloathes,
in drinking, drabbing, and strange oathes
O monsters,
Neutrall monsters,
leave these apish toyes,

When meeknesse bore in England sway
and pride was not regarded,
Then vertue bore the bell away,
and goodnesse was rewarded
Now our phantastick innovations,
doe cause prodigious transmutations.
O monsters,
Neutrall monsters,
leave these apish toyes.

Our men were in precedent dayes,
to manly actions bent.
They did not seek their names to raise
by cloathes, and complement.
Now hes the man whose brave apparel
defends him in a Taverne-quarrell.
O monsters,
Neutrall monsters,
leave these apish toyes.

Mee thinks the Taylors should not chuse
but grow exceeding rich,
Yet from them I heare no such newes
though they goe thorow stitch:
The reasons this, new cloathes are made
before the old Bill is defraide.
O monsters,
Neutrall monsters, etc.

The second part, To the same tune.

NOw many of both sexes goe
each after-noone to th play,
Their rich Acoutrements to shew
and doe even what they may,
To note if they can any spy,
that put them downe in bravery.
O monsters,
Neutrall monsters,
leave these apish toyes.

The women will not be at quiet,
their minds will still be crost,
Til Husbands, Frends, or Fathers buy it,
what ever price it cost.
Thus wide mouthd pride insatiately,
devoures all thoughts of piety.
O monsters,
Neutrall monsters,
leave these apish toyes

And men that should more wisdom have
then the frayle Female sex,
As many fond inventions have,
nay rather theyl annexe
Unto the story of their shame,
a higher style then women claime,
O monsters, etc.

Ungirt unblest the proverbe sayes,
and they to prove it right,
Have got a fashion now adayes,
thats odious to the sight
Of those who love civility,
and hate this idle foppery.
O monster.
Neutrall monster,
leave these Apish toyes.

Like Frenchmen all on points they stand
no girdles now they weare,
To spread this fashion through the land
The Hang-man (as I heare)
When at foure gates hee hangd foure men
did weare just such a Dublet then.
O monsters etc.

If any thing may give them light
to see their vanity:
In my conceit that object might
make wise men to defie
A fashion that is held so base,
worne by the Hang-man in disgrace.
O monsters etc.

Now to conclude, with all my heart
I wish that every one,
Would study on some better Art
and let vaine pride alone:
Be as your good Fore-fathers were,
and let not vice thus domineere.
O monsters etc.

What you profusely doe let fly,
in pride, in drinke, and gaine:
Spend in good hospitality,
twill elevate your fame
The prayers and praises of the poore,
shal cloathe your minds for evermore.
O monster,
Neutrall monsters,
leave these apish toyes.

London Printed for Thomas Lambert.

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