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British Library - Roxburghe
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Celindas last Gasp:
Her Farewel to False Coridon.
Since Coridon provd false in heart,
Celinda Mourned sore,
But feeling too too great a smart,
she vowd to Love no more:
But at the last all-Conquering Death
did ease her troubled mind,
And as she parted with her Breath,
he staid not long behind.
To the Tune of, Young Phaeon, Busie Fame: Or, Cloris full of Harmless thoughts.

ATtend true Lovers and give ear,
unto my Dying Song;
For unto you I will declare,
how Cupid did me wrong:For with his powerful cruel Dart,
he sought my grief and woe,
And piercd my tender Love-sick heart,
which proves my overthrow.

And Coridon who I did love,
beyond all other men,
To his Celinda false did prove,
which cut my heart agen:

So now I to the Grave am brought,
for loving too too well,
Love would have brought, a heaven I thought,
but now it proves a Hell.

Ah! fate to me so cruel still,
now let me know the cause,
That you thus seek my Blood to spill,
for keeping Cupids Laws:
Them in my mind I thought I was
oblieged to obey,
But now too late I find alas,
my comforts all decay.

WHen poor Celindas dead and gone,
and laid within her Grave,
Write some Love Verses on my Tomb,
tis all I now do crave:But yet I fear no Shepherdess,
ere felt so deep a Wound,
My griefs and sorrows to express,
theres none that can be found.

Who can relate my riged fate,
and not be drownd in Tears?
Or who can pitty my sad state,
that have for Months and years
Been Languishing in this Abiss,
and can no bottom find;
Robd of all joy and true Loves Bliss,
and troubled in my mind.

And Coridon for thy hard heart,
thou shalt tormented be,
For causing all this grief and smart,
which happened unto me:
For in the dead time of the night,
while others take their rest,
With Visions strange ile thee affright,
and prove a dreadful Guest.

Oh then too late thou shalt repent,
that thou wert so unkind,
Twill be in vain for to lament,
that thou shalt surely find:Where ever thou shalt be alone,
ile still be in thy sight,
Ile make thee sigh, and grieve, and mourn,
and rob thee of Delight.

That thou mayst be a warning to
such as like thee would prove,
And seek more Maidens to undo,
wrapt up in bonds of Love:
Who cannot find one hours content,
but burn with endless fire,
And do both night and day lament,
wanting their hearts desire.

So farewel cruel Coridon,
ile never love thee more,
Thou once wert he I doted on,
and did too much adore:One minute I out of my mind,
could not my Shepherd keep,
But he was Cruel and unkind,
and laught to see me weep.

My sorrows now will have an end,
that I continued in,
And loosing his (once) faithful friend,
his Torments will begin:
True lovers all observe his fall,
of falshood still beware,
For punishment is due to all,
that lay for Maids a snare.

And thus the poor Celinda Dyd,
with a sad troubled breast,
And Coridon was terrified,
as is before exprest:
But let no lovers after this,
be faithless and unkind,
For when the Shepherd did see this,
he staid not long behind.

Printed for J. Deacon, at the Sign of the Rainbow, near Davids-Inn in Holborn.

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