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British Library - Roxburghe
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The wofull complaint of a Love-sicke Mayde,
She was afrayde to have died a Mayde:
Because her Love did prove unkinde,
She thought he was gone a new Love to finde.
To the tune of Come my sweet and bonny one.

ASt was my chance to walke abroad
one time to take the ayre,
I heard a faire Maide make great moane,
and she was in great care[:]
Alas (quoth she) now woe is me,
my Love is from me gone,
And I am here in griefe and care,
and comfortlesse alone.

O art thou gone away from me,
and bidst me not adue;
Hast thou forsaken thy olde true Love,
and changed me for a new?
Being its so, as I doe know,
thou bearst a flattering minde:
Because that thou dist make a vow,
to prove both true and kinde.

Thou saidst to me thou wouldst be true,
and ever wouldst endure:
But now I see thou art not so,
thou seekst for to procure
My endlesse woe, which will I know,
in time procure my smart:
Because that thou keepst not thy vow,
but seekst to breake my heart.

O faithlesse false & forsworne wretch,
how couldst thou have the heart,
To leave a Mayden in distresse?
O tis a Judas part:
But cruell thou, though thou didst vow,
thou little dost regard,
What cruell paines may be thy gaines
at last for thy reward.

You Maydens all example take
by me that am in griefe:
And have beene caught in Cupids net,
which yeelds me no reliefe:
Because I am sure Im undone,
what shall I say or doe?
But may complaine, and all in vaine,
my heart will breake with woe.

Would God I could enjoy my Love,
though he be much unkinde,
And that he would turne to his Dove,
that never changd her minde.
But being he is gone from me,
and left me here in scorne:
I must decay, and waste away,
and pine, and grieve, and mourne.

I doe expect my time is short,
and soone will have an end:
Because my Love is false in heart,,
pray God he may amend,
And prove more true, tos Lover new,
then he hath been to me:
Adieu sweet Love, pray God above,
full safe that thou mayst be.

Now of my speech I make an end,
and meane to say no more:
But well I wish unto my friend,
God blesse him evermore:
Though I have spoke, God may provoke
his minde to turne againe,
For to love me, most faithfully,
and long for to remaine.

The young mans kinde reply unto the comfortlesse Mayde,
He grees with his Love in all shee hath sayd,
Shewing to her a part of his minde,
That he will be alwayes most loving and kinde.
To the tune Of the pride of Leister Shire.

HArke, harke, me thinks I heare one speake
what should this Eccho meane?
I thinke it be my owne true Love,
my faire and onely Dame:
O why shouldst thou, my Philladay,
complaine that I am gone,
And knowest I am the onely man,
that loveth thee alone?

I am not gone away from thee,
my onely hearts delight:
But comfort thou shalt finde by me,
by day and eke by night:
My owne sweet Love, and Turtle Dove,
be not disturbd in minde:
For thou shalt finde, I will prove kinde,
and never change againe.

I promised thee for to be true,
and so I will endure,
Though I at first did prove thy heart,
tis good for to be sure,
To prove thy minde, and know thee kinde,
for many false there be,
And so mightst thou, for ought I know,
have proved unto me.

Though I did make a vow to thee,
and pawned with thee my heart,
Yet thou hast spoken unto me,
as though thou wouldst depart:

But now I find thee true and kinde,
and I the like will be:
Whilst death doth part, my tender heart,
I will not part with thee:

All you kind hearts that have true loves,
by me example take:
And have a care, whereto you sweare
for the Almighties sake:
Doe not goe on as I have done,
to breed a Maydens smart:
But turne in time, in heart and minde,
and ease your true Loves heart.

Would God I ner had wrongd my Love,
nor beene to her unkinde:
Then should she have no cause to mourne,
nor be disturbd in minde:
But being its so, I well doe know,
I must unto her goe;
And speake my minde, in loving kinde,
and ease her of her woe.

Come, come, sweet heart, doe not repent,
nor wrastle in despaire,
Though I to thee have beene unkind,
Ile ease thee of thy care:
For I will prove constant in love,
as alwayes thou shalt finde,
I will be true, not change for new,
but alwayes will be kinde.

Come, Love, lets speake no more of this,
but faithfully lets joyne:
And looke before what was amisse,
I meane for to amend:
Come let us now, performe our vow,
and make no more adoe:
But let us joyne in heart and minde,
and so to Church lets goe.

And so these Lovers made an end,
of these their former words:
One loved the other heartily,
not breeding no discords:
In peace I pray long live they may,
and all true Lovers else:
What ere they be, or what degree,
so much is spoke of mee.


London Printed for F. Coules.

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