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British Library - Roxburghe
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Moggys Misfortune:
The kind and courteous Courtship of Shakum Guy, after the Funeral of
his cross and froward Wife; which proved the two Lovers happy
Tune of Robin Cushe. Licensed according to Order.

MOggy now rejoyce and sing,
Ise present thee with a Ring,
Nay, and joyfull News I bring,
my Wife is dead and buryd:
Therefore lets be jolly,
Drive hence Melancholly,
This Night let us dally,
next day well be marryd.

To thy Shakum be not coy,
Thoust have got a pretty Toy,
Which Id willingly enjoy,
and therefore sit down by me:
In my Arms Ill teaze thee,
Likewise kiss and squeeze thee,
Ise am sure twill please thee:
prithee do but try me.

Ise have muckle Gold in store,
What canst thou desire more?
We shall live and neer be poor,
but always blithe and bonny:
Drink good Sack and Sherry,
Always brisk and merry,
Never, never weary,
of my dearest Honey.

My Grandsire he is stiff and old,
Likewise I know his Bloud is cold,
And will eer long be laid in Mold,
as being dead and buryd:
Then Ise have his Riches,
Gray Coat, Leathern Breeches,
Oh how my Fingers Itches,
Dearest, to be Marryd!

Once I led a weary Life,
With a cross and froward Wife,
Which created Care and Strife,
with her I was offended:
Now the Fates betide her,
No such Scold beside her,
Now a Grave does hide her,
and my Plague is ended.

For shes clearly fled away,
And has left her Shakum Gay,
Long I wishd to see this day,
but neer before could find it:
Now since she is buryed,
We will not defer it,
But with speed be Marryed,
and with this Kiss I bind it.

Shakum Gay she then replyd,
Ise will freely be your Bride,
And lig closely by your side,
tis my will and pleasure:
Neer will Ise forsake t[hee]
But in Wedlock take t[hee]
And resolve to make thee
Laird of all my Treasure.

Farewel Rock and farewel Reel,
Thrice farewel my Spinning-Wheel,
Let them gang unto the Deel,
Ise freely can refuse them:
Having time and leisure,
Likewise Gold and Treasure,
Here Ise take my pleasure,
and no more will use them.

Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, J. Back.

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