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Come buy this new Ballad, before you doe goe:
If you raile at the Author, I know what I know.
To the Tune of, Ile tell you but so.

IT is an old saying,
that few words are best,
And he that sayes little,
shall live most at rest:
And I by experience
doe finde it right so,
Therefore ile spare speech,
but I know what I know.

Yet shall you perceive well,
though little I say,
That many enormities
I will display:
You may gusse my meaning,
by that which I show,
I will not tell all,
but I know etc.

There be some great climbers,
composd of ambition,
To whom better-borne men
doe bend, with submission:
Proud Lucifer climbing,
was cast very low,
Ile not stay these men,
but I know etc.

There be many Foxes
that goe on two legges,
They steale greater matters
then Cocks, Hennes, and Egges,
To catch many Guls
in Sheepes cloathing they goe,
They might be destroyd,
but I know etc.

There be many men
that Devotion pretend,
And make us beleeve,
that true Faith theyle defend:

Three times in one day
to Church they will goe,
They cozen the world,
but I know etc.

There be many rich men,
both Yeomen and Gentry,
That for their owne private gaine
hurt a whole Countrey,
By closing free Commons,
yet theyle make as though
Twere for common good,
but I know etc.

There be divers Papists,
that to save their Fine,
Come to Church once a moneth,
to heare Service Divine,
The Pope gives them power,
as they say, to doe so,
They save money byt too,
but I know etc.

There be many Upstarts
that spring from the Cart,
Who gotten to th Court,
play the Gentlemans part:
Their fathers were plaine men,
they scorne to be so,
They thinke themselves brave,
but I know etc.

There be many Officers,
men of great place,
To whom if one sue
for their favour and grace,
He must bribe their servants,
while they make as though
They know no such thing,
but I know etc.

The Second Part. To the same Tune.

THere be many Women
that seeme very pure,
A kisse from a stranger
theyle hardly endure,
They are like Lucretia,
modest in show,
I will accuse none,
but I know etc.

Likewise there be many
dissembling men,
That seeme to hate Drinking
and Whoring, yet when
They meet with a Wench,
to the Taverne theyle goe,
They are civill all day,
but I know etc.

There be many Batchelors,
that to beguile
Beleeving kind Lasses,
use many a wile,
They all sweare that they love,
when they meane nothing so,
And boast of these trickes,
but I know etc.

Theres many an Usurer,
that like a Drone
Doth idly live
upon his moneys Lone,
From Tens unto Hundreds
his money doth grow:
He sayes he doth good,
but I know etc.

There be many Gallants
that goe in gay Rayment,
For which the Taylor
did never receive payment.
They ruffle it out
with a gorgeous show,
Some take them for Knights,
but I know etc.

There be many Rorers
that swagger and rore,
As though they in th warres had be
seven yeeres and more,
And yet they never looke
in the face of a Foe:
They seeme gallant Sparkes,
but I know etc,

Theres many, both Women
and Men that appeare
With beautifull Out-sides,
the Worlds eyes to bleare:
But all is not Gold
that doth glister in show,
They are five with a Pox,
but I know etc.

Theres many rich Trades-men
who live by Deceit,
And in Weight and Measure
the poore they doe cheat,
Theyle not sweare an Oath,
but indeed, I, and No,
They truely protest,
but I know etc.

There be many people
so given to strife,
That theyle goe to Law
for a two-penny Knife:
The Lawyers nere aske them
why they doe so,
He gets by their hate,
but I know etc.

I know there be many
will carpe at this Ballet,
Because it is like
sowre Sawce to their Pallet:
But he, shee, or they,
let me tell ere I goe,
If they speake against this Song,
I know what I know.


Printed by the Assignes of Thomas Symcocke.

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