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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Shepherds Happiness: OR, An Advice to Ladies. Being an Excellent New SONG in the last New OPERA.
To an Excellent new Tune Much in Request. Licensed according to Order.
HOw blest are Shepherds how happy their Lasses, While Drums & Trumpets are sounding Alarms!
Over our lowly Sheds all the Storm passes; and when we die 'tis in each others Arms, All the day on our
Herds, and Flocks employing, All the Night on our Flutes, and enjoying.


Bright Nimphs of Britain with graces Attended,
let not your days without pleasure expire,
Honours but empty, when your youth is ended,
all men will praise you, but none will desire,
Let not youth fly away without contenting,
Age will come time enough for your Repenting.


Princes of high Renown in foreign Nations,
they a sweet pastoral life did admire,
And left vain glory and all the court fashions,
to live like Shepherds it was there desire,
For in the Fields and Groves there is more pleasure,
Then in great Princes Courts with Golden treasure.


Bright lovly Ladies of high birth and fortune,
let not your beauty make you be disdaining,
For all the pleasures at Court is uncertain,
some there are joyful yet others complaining,
come then unto the plain's see our employment,
Of your sweet presence give us the enjoyment.


Tho' you are stored with Wit, Youth and Beauty,
those are but treasures that lasts for a moment,
Be not unkind then to those makes it duty
for to adore you, but ease all their Torment;
Let not your Lovers thus live discontented,
When Youth and Beauty's gone you may Repent it.


The pleasures wee injoy is past expresing,
with Nimphs and Shepherds theirs none can compar[e]
They sport's are inocent they are posesing,
each swain enjoy's both the witty and fair,
Like constant turtles we still live together,
And thus could be content to live for ever.


Wee'll not aspire for glory or splendour,
but live contented and love one another,
To the ambitious vain glory surender,
and still together new joyes will discover,
Then we shall never have cause of Repenting,
But will be ever each other contenting.

Printed for J. Conyers at the Black Raven in Holbourn, 1691.

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