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EBBA 22244

Magdalene College - Pepys
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Satisfie all Persons that Whitney is not fled from NEWGATE, as it
was falsly Reported, but is still remaining there; and may be seen, or spoke with,
from Morning till Night.
To the Tune of Let Mary live long. Licensed according to Order.

THere is a Report,
new rais'd by the Rabble,
and yet a mere Fable;
Both City and Court
is fill'd with the News,
That Witney's out of Gaol,
Without giving of Bail;
'tis false I declare,
He lyes still in Fetters,
He lyes still in Fetters,
the more is his Care.

These Fetters and Chains,
with which he is hamper'd,
if he would have scamper'd,
'Twoud puzzle his Brains
for to get them off;
Besides, there's a Crew
Of the Devil knows who,
which Guards him likewise,
For fear of their losing
For fear of their losing
their wonderful Prize.

Their kindness to him,
he well do's remember,
the last of December
Under Lock and Key
they put him with care
Where he still is confin'd,
They were wonderful kind,
he needs must confess,
That he cannot leave 'em,
That he cannot leave 'em.
altho' in Distress.

The Doors being barr'd
too keep him from running,
besides, they are cunning,
For there's a strong Guard
of Keepers likewise:
Nay, if Sampson was there
He could never get clear;
no, neither can he,
It is not so easie,
It is not so easie,
from Newgate to flee.

The Valiant and Stout,
if once over-power'd,
appears like a Coward:
There's no getting out
for Whitney I find;
Iron Bars he can't break,
Nor the Stony Walls shake,
they're stronger than so,
He there must continue,
He there must continue,
whether he will or no.

He study'd which way
how to run and leave 'em;
but who can deceive them,
Their Fetters, and they
a Gyant would tame:
Let him do what he can,
He that never fear'd Man,
not since he was Born,
Do's now lie in Prison,
Do's now lie in Prison,
with Sorrow forlorn.

'Tis said he was fled,
without disputation
this ample Relation
Was carry'd and spread
by Friends of his own,
Who'd be glad without doubt,
If he could but get out,
but wishes are vain,
For in his new Quarters
For in his new Quarters
He still do's remain.

The Truth to declare,
and not to deceive ye,
if you'll not believe me,
I'd have you repair
with speed to his Room,
In the Goal of Newgate,
Where both early or late,
he's free for your sight,
He is to be spoke with
He is to be spoke with
From Morning till Night.

Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, J. Back.

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