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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Perjured Sayler:
Fosraken Damsel.
An ACCOUNT of a Young MAID at GREENWICH, who died for Love of a
SEAMAN, who after many Vows and Solemn Promises left her, so that with Grief
she broke her Heart.
To the Tune of, The Languishing Swain.
Licensed and Entred according to Order.

COme listen while I do Relate,
A Damsel's most Unhappy Fate;
Caus'd by a most Uufaithful Love,
Which did her utter Ruin prove:

All Truth and upright Purity,
Is turn'd to perfect Pergury:
Nay, further still, declare I can,
No Creature is so false as Man:

As by this Ditty you shall find,
And therefore listen now and mind,
While I in brief do here express,
A Sea-man's most Unfaithfulness:

In Greenwich-Town he courted there,
A Damsel beautiful and fair,
And many Protestations made,
Till he her yielding Heart betray'd:

He vow'd her Chrams he did adore,
And while he did remain on shore,
It was his chief Delight to be
In her sweet pleasant Company.

The Damsel she was coy and strange,
Declaring, That she would not change
A single life, for that was best;
So bid him set his heart at rest.

Be not so cruel then, he cry'd,
I can't, nor will not be deny'd;
Therefore one word of comfort give;
Without thy love I cannot live.

Said she, Your words I can't believe,
Young Men are Subject to deceive
The Wise, Discreet, and Vertuous too;
Therefore, said she, Farewel, ad[i]eu.

Then did he smite upon his breast,
Like one who was with Grief opprest,
And cry'd, Return, return, my Dear,
My final Res[o]l[u]tion hear:

If I may not thy Charms enjoy,
This life of mine I will destroy,
Or else I'll quit my native Shore,
And never see the Nation more.

This word a deep Imperssion made
Upon her Heart, she sighing said,
If you are Loyal, Just, and True,
I will no[t]strive to ruin you.

He swore by all the Powers above
That he'd be Loyal to his Love:
At which she did a Promise make,
Till death she'd never him forsake.

This done, away to Sea he went,
From whence he four kind Letters sent,
In which he did his Love express,
With all the Marks of Faithfulness.

Yet when he came on shore again,
Her Company he did refrain:
When told of his Disloyalty,
She sighing cry'd, It cannot be.

Yet to her Grief she found it true:
Then did she cry, I never knew,
In all my days, so false a Wetch.
With that, a double sigh she'd fetch.

Her H[e]art with inward Grief was fill'd,
Her Eyes soft pearlly Tears distil;
Then ringing of her hands, she said,
False Man, thou hast my Life betray'd:

Is this the Wretch that vow'd and cry'd,
If longer I his Suite deny'd,
That his Destruction was at hand,
He'd die, or leave his Native Land.

Yet, this is he! yet let him know,
He may not thus unpunisht go,
When I am dead his Perjury
May on his guilty Conscience lye.

Soon after this her Heart-strings broke,
And these was the last words she spoke:
The Letters which he sent from Sea,
Let them lye in the Grave with me.

Having surrender'd up her breath
Unto the fatal stroke of Death,
Soft showers of melting Tears did fall
To selebrate her Funeral.

LONDON: Printed for J. Blare, at the Looking-glass on London-bridge, 1693.

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