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EBBA 22180

Magdalene College - Pepys
Recording Information
Ballad Title Constancy Lamented: / OR, A / Warning for Unkind Parents, / Not [t]o seperate those who are joyned in Love: / being a full and true Account of a Wealthy Tradesman's Son in the Strand, who died / on Friday last, for the Grief he conceived in the Absence of his dearly beloved E. / H --- ks (a Hereford-shire Damsel) who was by his Hard-hearted Mother, sold to / Virginia; and of the many Arguments the Mother used to perswade this Young- / Man to fix his love on some more Wealthy Maiden: With the Mothers sad lamen- / tation,and almost Raving Distraction for her Son's Death, and her own most Un- / worthy Action. / The whole Published from the Relation of a Worthy young Gentlewoman, a daily Visi- / tant of the said young Man's, and a sorrowful mourner for his great mishap.
Tune Imprint To the Tune of, All Happy Times, &c. Or, Languishing Swain.
Standard Tune Title He That Loves Best Must Suffer Most
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