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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Young-Mans Lamentation:
An Answer to the Maid that Dy'd for Love in Wood's-Close, near
St. John's-Street: Together with his earnest desire to leave this Life, and
follow his Love to the Grave. Tune of, Celia, etc. Licens'd according to Order.

IS my sweetest Creature Dead,
With whom I did engage to Wed?
Did I leave her, and deceive her,
is she to Elizium fled?
Then farewel all Joy and Pleasure,
I have wrong'd her out of measure:
Then farewel, etc.

Conscience now afflicts me so,
And tell me still where e're I go,
I was Cruel to my Jewel,
which has prov'd her overthrow:
She is Dead and gone before me,
Who so dearly did adore me.
She is Dead, etc.

Here I live in Grief and Pain,
And am not able to contain
This sharp sorrow, which flows thorow
my poor heart, and e'ry Vein;
O that I had ne'r offended,
Then our Glory had not ended.
O that I had, etc.

Let me Dye, and come to thee,
For here no Comfort can I see,
Dearest Mary, I am weary
of my wretched Life, said he;
No one knows what I lye under,
Stubborn heart now break in sunder.
No one knows, etc.

To the World I do declare,
This Torment I can never bear;
I that fill'd thee, nay, and kill'd thee,
with the Dart of sad Dispair;
And am guilty of thy Ruin,
Therefore Sorrows are ensuing.
And am guilty, etc.

Still the more I call to mind,
How once I was to Love inclin'd,
When I Woo'd her, to delude her,
'tis as if I then design'd,
By Delusion to deceive her,
And in grief and sorrow leave her.
By Delusion, etc.

Here I wander too and fro,
While melting Eyes like Fountains flow
Heart relenting, still lamenting,
while my Lover lies full low:
I am Night and Day Tormented,
All this I might have prevented.
I am Night and Day, etc.

When I took another Bride,
Poor heart, her grief she could not hide,
But in Anguish, did she languish,
till at length, alas! she Dy'd:
Often Weeping, Sighing Crying,
Love, I for thy sake my Dying.
Often Weeping, etc.

In my Chamber all alone,
Methinks I hear her piteous Moan:
Often crying, Life is flying,
saying, with a Dying Groan,
'Tis too late, I now am going,
While my Dying Eyes are flowing,
'Tis too late. etc.

Many frightful Slumbers too,
My grief and sorrow does renew;
Death attend me, and befriend me,
let my Days and Months be few:
Fain I would, alas! Expire,
And i'th Grave be Bury'd by her.
Fain I would, alas! etc.

Printed for C. Bates, near the Crown-Tavern in West-Smithfield.

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