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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Distracted
Young MANS Answer
His Injured Mistress.
Shewing the Cruelty of his Parents, in forcing him to marry ano-ther, because she had a better Fortune, which proved the Ruine of the young Man and his former Mistress.
Te the same Tune: or, The Languishing Swain.

IT's true, thou justly maist complain,
On they unfaithful perjur'd Swain,
But yet at first I did design,
To marry you, to marry you,
In little time.

I found you beautiful and fair,
Delightful with a pleasing air;
Endow'd with all the charms of love,
And I believ'd, and I believ'd,
You'd constant prove.

My father told me o're and o're,
Of one who riches had great store;
He said, If I did not agree,
To court that lass, to court that lass,
He'd own not me.

I went as he did give command,
Altho' you had my heart and hand;
The God above do know it's true,
I always meant, I always meant;
To marry you.

Our Parents straightways did agree,
And said, That I must married be;
To her they lately wish'd me to.
Then I reply'd, then I reply'd;
what shall I do?

My father said, To Church now go,
A thousand pound this has I know;
For her you courted just before,
She has not half, she has not half;
So much in store.

I answer'd yea, she has my heart,
Besides me vow'd never to part;
Therefore dear father, do not make
Me break this vow, me break this vow;
which I did take.

He said, If I a thousand took,
I should no more upon her look;
But straight he made me for to go
To Church and wed, to Church and wed,
I know not who.

Altho' I have a rich young wife,
I have no comfort of my life;
For she that had my heart before,
Will keep the same, will keep the same.
For evermore.

I do implore the God above,
To look upon my injur'd love,
Who justly does complain on me,
And help her in, and help her in
Her misery.

Then young men all a warning take,
Ne'er break those vows in love you make
If she you love does prove but kind,
Be not like me, be not like me;
To change your mind

Since I have proved thus untrue;
I bid unto the world adieu,
For I no comfort now can have;
Then death come send, then death come send,
Me to my grave.

Printed by and for A.M.

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