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EBBA 22113

Magdalene College - Pepys
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Valiant Soldiers last Farewell:
His dying Letter to his loving Lady Lucretia.
To the Tune of What shall I do to show how much I love her. Licensed according to Order.

FArewell Lucretia, my amorous Jewel,
this dying Letter in Sorrow I send;
Fortune hath proved unconstant, nay cruel,
bringing my Glory and Days to an end:
that have ventur'd through Smoke, Flame and Fire,
the Kingdom's Honour and Rights to regain,
Am ready, now at the length to expire,
alive thou ne'er wilt behold me again.

With mournfull Friends I am ever surrounded,
whose Eyes like Fountains doth flow night and day,
Seeing their Leader so fatally wounded,
that in this Life I no longer can stay;
T'herefore farewell, for alas! I must leave thee,
'tis but a Folly to sigh and complain;
Let not this sorrowfull Letter e'er grieve thee,
alive thou wilt never behold me again.

My Loyal Duty was never neglected,
the War with Courage I still did pursue;
Honour was all the Reward I expected,
for the hard Service I ever went through:
'Twas for the good of King, Queen, and Nation,
that I did fight on the wide Ocean Main,
But now I languish without expectation
ever alive to behold thee again.

France my true Courage could never keep under,
though two to one we show'd them fair play;
While the great Cannons were roarimg like Thunder
I was the while in the midst of the Fray;

Yet I acknowledge it was but my Duty,
the Nations Honour, and Rights to maintain;
But now Farewell my sweet amorous Beauty,
alive I ne'er shall behold thee again.

Foes I have fought with, but never fear'd any,
but with true Courage did always appear,
And might I still be endu'd with as many
Lives, as there's hours and days in the year,
They should be all at K. William's Devotion,
to fight his Enemies on the salt Main;
I'll venture still for the Kingdom's promotion,
though I might never behold thee again.

Lady, I fall by the hand of a Tory,
who is the Actor of all Villany;
Yet let me tell thee, I triumph and glory
that in the Bed of True Honour I dye:
Therefore, my Dearest, let nothing offend thee
many brave Soldiers beside me are slain;
May all the Blessings of Heaven attend thee,
although I never behold thee again.

When the kind Waves shall be pleas'd to convey me
over the Ocean to my Native shore,
And near thy Lodgings, sweet Lady, shall lay me,
'tis not thy Tears that my Life can restore;
Therefore I'd have thee be void of all Passion,
seeing all sorrowfull Sighs are in vain,
My Life I lost for the good of the Nation;
therefore alive thou'lt ne'er see me again.


Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, J. Back.

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