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Magdalene College - Pepys
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Perjur'd BILLY:
Lamentable Overthrow of Fair PHILLIS,
Maser's Daughter of Dorcester, who dy'd for the Love of Billy, a Counsel
lor.'s Clark in that Country. Tune of, Come sweet Lass, etc.
Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order.

IN the West
A weeping Lover
Here discover,
In the West
A Maid with beauty blest,
Charming clear,
A Maser's Daughter dear;
But Billy two severe,
He would not her come near.

Though he swore
He'd never leave her,
Nor deceivee her,
Though he swore
Fair Phillis he'd adore,
With heart of heaviness,
He left her in distress,
Her sorrows to express.

All in vain
She strove, to smother,
From her Mother,
All in vain
She strove to hide her pain,
till she cry'd,
I am disatisfy'd,
Let Friends and Parents chide,
My grief I cannot hide.

Unkind Love,
Why art thou cruel,
To thy Jewel;
Unkind Love,
Like the unspotted dove,
I will be
In truth and loyalty,
Though still you torture me,
I love no one but thee.

Once I thought
My life a pleasure
Out of measure;
Once I thought
I never should be brought
To despair;
But now I do declare,
This sorrow, grief and care,
Is more than I can bear.

Pitty me
Your weeping Philly,
Perjur'd Billy;
Pitty me
Whose life and liberty
Lies at stake;
My fainting heart will break
With sorrow for thy sake,
If you no pitty take.

He never came,
Though bound in duty,
To this Beauty
He never came;
Phillis the fair, by name,
Weeping lay,
Many a mournful day;
At length she dy'd away,
Love wrought her life's decay.

When she dy'd,
Her discontented
Friends lamented;
When she dy'd
Mourning they did provide
For threescore
Young Damsels, rich and poor,
Who willow-garlands wore;
The like not seen before.

London: Printed for J. Blare, at the Looking-glass on the Bridge.

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