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Magdalene College - Pepys
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JOCKIES Happy Meeting
Fair SILVIA in the GROVE.
To the Tune of, Jenny my blithest Lass, etc. Or, Silvia thou brightest, etc.

SIlvia, thou bright and charming Maid,
prethee let me now prevail and move
Thy soft young Heart, and be not afraid,
but give ear and listen to my love:
So sweet a Face was made to Charm,
let my Fairest fancy me.
Nor by thy Eyes, nor by thy Brow,
let thy Jockey any Coyness see.
In the Lovers Shady-Mirtle-Grove,
All the Joys of Youth wee'll prove;
While Nightingals sing Songs of Love,
such as might entice and charm great Jove.

A fair long-lasting Summers Day,
will to Jockey seem but short;
When ev'ry young, gay, Winged-Hour,
flies away in such beguiling Sport.
Blush not, nor let Jockey see Disdain,
think upon the Tender Boy,
Of all his Art, Youth, Love, and Charms,
thus young Men with Maidens use to toy.
Chorus. In the Lovers Shady, etc.

The young, sweet, beauteous, silken Flow'rs
(blew-vein'd Violets where we lean)
Can tell no Tales of Youth and Love,
for (my Fair) they know not what we mean.
And the young Maids like sweet Springing Flowers
should be gather'd in their prime;
For they soon lose both their Life and Leaves
pine away and Dye in little time.
Chorus. In the Lovers Shady, etc.

Silvia, then Dearest yield to me,
to thy onely true Love now,
I am a young, brisk, and bonny Boy,
gang along with me to yonder Bough:
No noise or bus'ness shall there molest.
like Elizium 'twill appear,
Where all the young, and happy rest,
then my fairest Silvia never fear:
Chorus. In the Lovers Shady, etc.

At this fair Silvia with Virgin fear,
first grew pale, then by and by,
A quick, bright, harmless, lovely Fire,
flasht like Lightning from the beauteous sky
Thus brisk young Jockey had learnt an Art
to enjoy what lovers wish,
And at the last won Silvia's heart,
from which Nymph he often had a Kiss:
Chorus. In the Lovers Shady, etc.

Within each others twining Arms,
thus these happy Lovers lay,
In all the pleasing Charms of Love,
till Aurora rising, brought the day:
Silvia's young Frozen Virgin heart,
by her Jockey thus was won,
And all her Coyness did melt away,
like the Mountain Snow with mid-day Sun.

In the Lovers Shady Mirtle-Grove,
all the Joys of Youth we'll prove,
While Nightingales sing Songs of Love,
such as might entice and charm great Jove.

This may be Printed, R. P.
Printed for C. Dennisson, at the Stationers-Armes within Aldgate.

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